Urfi Javed faces backlash over bold pictures

Urfi Javed faces backlash over bold pictures
Urfi Javed faces backlash over bold pictures (Photo source: Urfi Javed official instagram)

In today’s age of social media, everyone wants to be famous. Unfortunately, it has to be said that kids these days are trying to become social media stars instead of studying. Because internet access has become so easy in the world that people think that it has become very easy to earn fame and money overnight. And something similar is happening in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and many countries of the world and it seems that the government there is sleeping.

Yes, in today’s article we are talking about Indian actress and model Urfi Javed. At this time this girl is covered on every platform including social media and the reason for this is her unique dressing. In the introduction of Urfi, it will not be wrong to say that she takes pride in wearing all kinds of board and vulgar clothes which makes her a target of criticism but for some, she is an enjoyment.

Yes, a video is going viral on Urfi Javed’s official Instagram, in which it can be seen that she is hiding her body with plastic foil. And colorful flowers can be seen on the plastic foil and she is having a photo shoot as if it is a matter of pride. Of course, seeing most of Urfi’s photos and board videos, it seems that she wants to reach the heights of fame overnight, but that is impossible. have a look!

As soon as this video of Urfi Javed went viral on social media, people started saying that it has become a common thing to wear western clothes in eastern countries. But some people also said that the government should make social media laws soon so that such photo shoots can be prevented.

Are you also tired of seeing Urfi Javed’s daily bold photo shoot? If yes, then express your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks!

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