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Iman Ali opens up about ‘traumatic’ relationship with father

Iman Ali opens up about 'traumatic' relationship with father
Iman Ali opens up about ‘traumatic’ relationship with father

If a list of the best models and actors of the 90s is made, Iman Ali’s name comes at the top. Not many people knew that Iman Ali is the daughter of senior Pakistani actor Abid Ali, but Abid Ali has passed away now. Iman Ali started her showbiz career as a model and later appeared in TV and films. Her upcoming Pakistani film ‘Tich Button’ is also scheduled to release on November 25th, 2022.

Iman Ali married Major Aziz Bhatti’s grandson Babar Bhatti in February 2019. After almost three and a half years of marriage, she is still deprived of the blessing of kids. In the interviews of Iman Ali, she also confirmed that whatever fame she has reached today, she has reached her own abilities, her father never supported her despite being in showbiz. And that’s why she does all kinds of bold roles that are not hindered by the family.

As you all know that Iman Ali is going to every city to promote her upcoming movie Tich Button. After many years, Iman Ali will once again be seen playing the role of a heroine on the big screen. At the same time, she spoke about her relationship with her late father while giving an interview with a prominent magazine, Something Haute. Iman Ali is the only actress who does not feel any fear in giving her bold statement.

Talking about her relationship with her father, Iman Ali said that he was not with us, and we had no relationship with him, he said why were we poor when her father was working. She further revealed that she turned her life around in four years. She said that I built my own house and saved money myself. She said that I used to spend money on my needs and never bought medicine for my illness. If you guys want to know more, click the link below and listen to the video interview.

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