Hero of the day: Ibtisam saves Imran Khan’s life

Hero of the day: Ibtisam saves Imran Khan's life
Hero of the day: Ibtisam saves Imran Khan’s life

You all know that at present Imran Khan is busy in taking out a long march. On October 28, Imran Khan gave a call to the people of Pakistan to go out for a long march. And the only purpose of this long march is that the present government announces the date of general election. The current government says that the general election will be held at its scheduled time and no other party will be listened to.

Imran Khan who has also been PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister. He is seen saying in most of his press conferences that the decision of this country has to be made by the people. Outside powers cannot change the destiny of this country. He said that the innocent people of Pakistan are being fooled for many years and all the decisions are taken behind closed doors. He said that this does not happen in a democratic country.

Hero of the day: Ibtisam saves Imran Khan's life
When Imran Khan was shot in the leg, he waved his hand and told the people that he is safe

When Imran Khan’s long march took to the road again today to leave for its destination, an unpleasant incident took place during it. On his long march, unknown persons opened fire and created chaos. PTI leaders say that Imran Khan was shot in the leg while Senator Faisal Javed was also injured. But one big thing was that despite being shot in the feet, Imran Khan was waving his hand to his people and telling them that he is safe.

The name of the person who saved Imran Khan’s life is being told as Ibtisam. Salman said that the man had fired one bullet, and as soon as he tried to fire another bullet, he caught him and pushed him. Meanwhile, three of his bullets hit the ground again, but after that, there was a stampede. Ibtisam further said that life is sacrificed for Imran Khan and we will always stand for him. What more did Ibtisam, the hero of the nation, say, click on the link below and listen to the video.

Don’t forget to pray for Imran Khan’s speedy recovery in the comment section below. We pray to Allah Almighty to keep former Prime Minister Imran Khan safe. Ameen

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