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11 11 sale 2022 avoid fraud in Pakistan

11 11 sale 2022 avoid fraud in Pakistan
11 11 sale 2022 avoid fraud in Pakistan

There are many companies and e-commerce websites in Pakistan that are working on 11 11 sales. Many customers are complaining that these people first increase the money and then sell the items in sales at the original price. This means that people are not benefited at all and such e-commerce companies and brands are fooling us. We do not want to mention anyone’s name here as the people of Pakistan themselves know very well who and how they are doing falsework. A customer while complaining said that she wanted to buy a brand of lipstick which was only 1400 rupees on normal days. She thought that her price would be reduced in the sale of 11-11. It was seen that his price was written down to 1800 rupees and after that, it was added to the sale and it was again reduced to 1400 rupees.

In the first few years, the people of Pakistan have been thoroughly fooled. At the same time, some people appeared to complain that the parcel sent to us was not as shown in the picture or in the product itself. A lot of people said that when we received the parcel, we received a stone or something else inside that we didn’t place in the order. And some people said that Pakistan can never stand in those countries of the world where if the name of sale comes, then actual sales offers are seen there. Because people from foreign countries wait for this month throughout the year because during this time huge discounts are available and people’s purchases are recorded as very high. A lot of people also seem to comment that if you have to buy something, you should buy it from America or London, and if you don’t live there, you should buy it through a family member so that you can get a quality product. Because people with evil minds also say that third-degree quality things are sold in Pakistan.

The only purpose of making this article is that if you are buying anything in Pakistan at this time, buy after enough research. Because in these tough times of inflation if you get the wrong item then the guy gets tired of calling the customer center and getting no response. Because many e-commerce websites claim that within 3-4 hours your complaint will be resolved and you will be called by us. But 80% of the results are bad because a user is so tired that he says I have left my money in charity to these people. Unfortunately, earlier this sale was named Black Friday, but when Pakistani people started criticizing it, it was renamed Blessed Friday. We just want to mention here that if you guys copy ideas from other countries, then try to give real discounts on similar things. Because this is how our country Pakistan is being defamed. It is important to write here that no country is bad, its people are bad.

Well before concluding this article, we want to write that all this research has been written looking at the problems of the last few years. Maybe this year our e-commerce website and the brands offering 11 11 sale promotions in Pakistan have come out of all these frauds. Through this sale, we only want to send such facilities and products to people in Pakistan so that people can avoid being pushed into the markets. People with ’70-80s’ mindset say they prefer to go to the market because they say that we buy things by seeing them, buying things without seeing them is equal to fraud and lies in Pakistan. So, after reading this article, you will think carefully and buy from 11 11 sale. And an important point, if anyone has been offended by reading this article, we apologize, but we are sharing the truth with the public.

Have you ever been scammed in the name of this sale? If you too have been a victim of this then don’t forget to share your interesting story with us in the comments section below. Thanks!

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