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Arshad Sharif shaheed’s daughter turns her feelings into poem for her father

Arshad Sharif shaheed’s daughter turns her feelings into poem for her father

The year 2022 has caused many difficulties for Pakistan including the world. Looking at the inflationary storm that has hit the world this year, it seems that it has become not difficult but impossible to control. According to an estimate, there are people in Pakistan who do not have enough money at the end of the month to meet their needs. And one thing that is being heard is that Pakistan has come very close to default.

Arshad Sharif shaheed's daughter turns Her feelings into poem for her father

The storm of inflation and problems were not going to end when an unfortunate incident took place in Kenya in which Pakistan’s senior journalist Arshad Sharif was shot dead. This incident took place on October 23, but the unfortunate thing is that the killers of Arshad Sharif were not caught. People around the world including Pakistan who follow Arshad Sharif must know this very well. Arshad Sharif loved his country Pakistan dearly but he left the country due to some political reasons. And he used to discuss on his YouTube channel often in vlogs that he will return to Pakistan very soon.

Arshad Sharif has been working on a program in Pakistan’s private TV channel ARY News for a long time. But his program was stopped by some corrupt people in Pakistan. On the other hand, the reason behind Arshad Sharif leaving the country was that more than ten false FIRs were registered against him in different police stations in Pakistan. Arshad’s fans know well that Arshad was a man of honor, he did not want to be taken to Pakistan’s police stations and treated the way Azam Sawati and Shahbaz Gill were treated.

Arshad Sharif shaheed's daughter turns her feelings into poem for her father

But in today’s article, we will see that Arshad Sharif’s daughter has released a video message for her father. Arshad’s eldest daughter has uploaded this video on her father’s YouTube channel where she has composed a poem and shared it with heartfelt feelings for her father. It can be heard in the video that Arshad’s daughter is in love with her father. In a part of the video, she is also seen saying, “We have entrusted our matter to Allah and we know that we will get justice in this world if not in this world.”

If you also want to listen to Arshad Sharif’s daughter’s poem in which she is sharing her heart feelings with her father, then click on the link below and listen to the video.

Once again, before concluding this article, we request you all not to forget to pray for Arshad Sharif’s forgiveness. We pray that Allah grants the deceased a high place in heaven and give patience to his children and family, Ameen.

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