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Committee wali baji: Sidra Humaid runs away with Rs 42 crores

Committee wali baji: Sidra Humaid runs away with Rs. 42 crores
Committee wali baji: Sidra Humaid runs away with Rs 42 crores

Hundreds of people, mostly women, allegedly looted around Rs 42 crores from poor people by a Karachi-based social media influencer and businesswoman who ran the monthly ballot committee system. Which is an age-old method of interest-free savings and deposits commonly known as BC or in an old language Committees – without keeping any written record of depositors/contributors ending the entire scheme in complete fraud.

Sidra Humaid, the owner of home-based food business handicraft start-ups ‘Cróise’ and ‘Daily Bites’, allegedly cheated hundreds of her depositors by declaring a long post on social media. She says she no longer has the money to pay the committee, and her 200 committee members are shocked to hear the news.

Since last week, Pakistan’s social media has been filled with stories of victims, some people are describing it as a Ponzi scheme, meanwhile many victims contacted each other. And some people have also created a WhatsApp group to take action against Sidra Humaid.

Committee wali baji: Sidra Humaid runs away with Rs 42 crores

Looking at the post on social media, however, it appears that no one has yet attempted to address the issue on their own, nor has anyone approached the police or federal investigative agency against Ms. Humaid.

On her part, Ms. Humaid, whose whereabouts are unknown, said in a social media post, “Please people don’t panic, your money will be refunded in the coming months.”

A victim in Sidra Humaid’s committee told Dawn that Ms. Humaid had scammed around Rs 150 million to 200 million.

Sana Adnan, who lost Rs 150,000 in this scheme, said that most people know Ms. Humaid for the last seven to ten years, and I am included in two of her committees. I was paying him Rs 50,000 per month in ‘one’ committee, while I was paying him Rs 25,000 in a committee of ’20’ months.

Another victim of the scheme, who wished to remain anonymous, said that for the past few months, Ms. Humaid had been posting stories on social media about items such as expensive mobile phones, watches, etc. which explained where all the money was going because her husband is a freelancer and she could not sell that lasagne and give away that much money.

The man, who allegedly suffered a huge loss of Rs 970,500, said his sister told him about the committee in January and that he deposited Rs 50,000 a month in the scheme against a Rs 500,000 payout.

The man further said that he also participated in a business committee where he was paid Rs 1 lakh per month against Rs 8 lakh and another where he had to pay Rs.3 lakh per month against Rs 2.4 million but unfortunately he didn’t get paid.

“I spoke to Ms. Humaid’s father. He said that he would only refund the amount that was transacted into her account… but the thing is that we used to send money directly to the account of the person who had taken the slot in that particular month at her behest.

Dawn‘ further stated that when the organization tried to contact Miss Humaid, she neither received the call nor replied to any message.

Make sure to comment below in the comment section for those who are victims of this Ponzi scheme so that your voice can be heard around the world. If you want to add something to this article, please contact us in the comment section below. Thanks!

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