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Hina Altaf reveals her motherhood plans!

Hina Altaf is a beautiful and talented Pakistani television actress, her notable dramas include Udaari, Aatish, Dil-e-Janam, and Gumrah. Hina Altaf has a large number of followers on Instagram but she keeps her married life private. The actress says that not everything can be shared on social media and few things should be kept private gets better.

Hina Altaf reveals her motherhood plans!

In a recent interview with the famous international channel BBC, Hina Altaf talked about her old interview in which she talked about her family plans and spoke that her interview was totally misquoted on social media. Talking about her old interview, the actress further revealed how she was misrepresented by fake YouTube channels. “One thing I didn’t like was once I went on a morning show where I was asked a question about my family planning, to which I replied that we will be happy whenever Allah blesses us with kids,” Hina said.

Taking it further, the actress said that a few days later she received a fake YouTube Voice-Over video in which the commenter was saying that Hina Altaf is expecting and that she will announce the good news soon and that she had two pre-pregnancy miscarriages. The actress said that all of this irritated me. Finally, she concluded by saying that whenever she becomes a mother, whenever Allah blesses her with kids, she will be hugging them with joy.

Hina Altaf reveals her motherhood plans!

Hina Altaf and Agha Ali are living a happy life and they both live together in Karachi. Hina Altaf also introduced her YouTube channel last year but now she keeps her private life away from her personal life.

If you also want to listen to Hina Altaf’s interview in which she talks about family planning and complains about false statements made by fake YouTube channels, then click on the link below and watch that interview.

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