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Reham Khan’s daughter’s dance video on her mother’s wedding goes viral

A few days ago, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s wife Reham Khan got married for the third time to Mirza Bilal and informed her fans of this good news. Imran and Reham’s marriage did not last long and their marriage soon ended in divorce. No one knows the reason for the divorce, but Reham often appears on social media criticizing Imran Khan.

Reham Khan's daughter's dance video on her mother's wedding goes viral

Reham Khan belongs to a Pashtun family and is a British Pakistani journalist, filmmaker, and author. Sources say that the boy whom Reham Khan married for the third time is about 13 years younger than her. Mirza Bilal also had marriages in the past but their marriages also ended in divorce. Bilal hails from Karachi and is a graduate of the prestigious University of Karachi, IBA.

One fine thing about Reham Khan is that she is not afraid to give her opinion on every topic on social media and that’s why she often comes under criticism. Reham has 3 kids from her first husband her eldest son is Sahir Rehman, her eldest daughter is Inaya Rehman and the youngest is Ridha Rehman. Her three kids are grown up and live with their mother.

Reham Khan's daughter's dance video on her mother's wedding goes viral

A video is going viral on social media in which Reham Khan’s elder daughter Inaya Khan can be seen dancing on her mother’s mehendi day. If you look closely at the video, her daughter seems to be having a lot of fun ‘dancing’ and she is also performing nice dance steps.

If you also want to see the video of Reham Khan’s beautiful daughter Inaya Khan dancing on the occasion of her mother’s mehndi, then watch below.

Don’t forget to congratulate British Pakistani journalist Reham Khan on getting married to Mirza Bilal in the comment section below. We pray to Allah Almighty to create love and ease in this couple’s new journey. Ameen!

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