Hira Mani shares her parent’s romantic love story


Hira Mani is considered among the best actresses and talented models in Pakistan. She has been winning people’s hearts for the past many years with her incredible performances and is busy building on her success. In praise of this girl, it will not be wrong to say that she loves her husband Salman Sheikh a lot and often expresses it on social media. The story of love story of both of them will almost be known to their fans.

Hira Mani shares her parent's romantic love story

Before getting married, Hira Mani used to do a regular job, but when her relationship with Salman Sheikh got fixed, she got her first chance to act on TV. Hira says that whatever position of fame she is in today is because of her husband’s efforts, otherwise, she still considers herself to be an ordinary girl. Looking at Hira’s personality, fitness, and beauty, one would not think that she is a mother of two young kids.

In an interview with a famous social media magazine (Fuchsia Magazine), Hira Mani spoke openly about her parents and their romantic love story. Unfortunately, Hira Mani has lost her father and she was very close to him, she has always mentioned everywhere that her husband Salman Sheikh aka Mani is like her father every time she praised him, So this time she shared her father’s and mother’s romantic love story with fans.

Hira Mani shares her parent's romantic love story

She said without fear that her mother had migrated to Pakistan from Bangladesh and became her father’s neighbor in a Karachi apartment building. The two fell for each other during their meeting on the stairs. The actress said her father had promised her mother that he would take her to meet her own father who was still living in Bangladesh. This could not happen because Hira’s maternal grandfather (Nana) died in Bangladesh, but Hira’s father fulfilled his promise to his wife by bringing Hira’s grandmother (Nani) from Bangladesh to Karachi in a different way.

If you also want to watch the video of Hira Mani narrating the love story of her parents, then click on the link below and watch it.

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