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Mehwish Hayat gets slammed for her pizza reel

Mehwish Hayat has set the internet on fire with her latest reel and netizens too are literally not coming slow. Social media has truly made people so much more judgemental and people openly criticize or appreciate any content they want. Our female celebrities often get backlash for showing off the lifestyle they’re living in.

Mehwish Hayat gets slammed for her pizza reel

We all are much aware of this hottie in town, Mehwish Hayat who has won our hearts, and her outstanding acting skills have made her win a significant place in the industry. This outstandingly fascinating and gorgeous muse has recently posted a reel on her Instagram handle where she was spotted heading out for having pizza. This stunner was wearing a beautiful stripped black maxi with her hair open. Following this post, people couldn’t keep calm and started bashing her in the comments section.

People are of the view that she’s literally Away from the teachings of our Deen and culture. People are bashing her for her attire and it’s somehow true that these actresses are presenting false role models to our society and young girls. Someone wrote in the comments that she has forgotten her Akhirat. People are offended by her style statement.

Mehwish Hayat gets slammed for her pizza reel

Mehwish Hayat is such a strong opinionated person and she never hesitates in putting forward her opinion on certain matters. After winning Tamgha e Imtiaz she landed in hot water and people started questioning her credibility. That time she clearly took all that criticism so bravely and didn’t let people affect her happiness.

Here we are dropping that mentioned above the reel. Have a look!

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