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Adil Raja apologises to Kubra Khan on Twitter

For the past few days, four of Pakistan’s top actors have been caught up in social media controversies. No need to go into much detail, you all know who those four actresses are. We want to mention one thing here some people publish anything without any research and confirmation and maybe something like this happened on social media a few days ago. And because of this, there was chaos on social media.

Adil Raja apologises to Kubra Khan on Twitter

Not only actresses in Pakistan but every woman is worthy of respect and it is the duty of every human being to respect her. Because our religion and society urge us to do this. There is no social media law in Pakistan, so any page or account can say what they want and because of this, a wave of falsehood spreads among people. And because of this, character assassination is being continuously done on four Pakistani actresses for the past few days.

As soon as the names of these four Pakistani actors went viral on social media, three Pakistani actresses gave their response and expressed great grief and anger in Pakistani society. Each actress had a stand on how people in Pakistan follow fake news and then re-share it as if it is 100% true. After being shared one after another, it is trending on social media, and people are forced to digest that even a lie starts to sound like the truth.

Adil Raja apologises to Kubra Khan on Twitter

But in today’s article, we will see that the man who caused this controversy on social media has apologized to Pakistani actresses. he wrote in her Twitter post, “My intention was never to target any women but to point out a bigger problem in the system. He further wrote I am profoundly sorry for the distress caused by speculations arising due to me giving initials, which didn’t include yours.

If you guys also want to read the apology on Twitter that this man did, then read it by clicking on the link below.

Do you guys also think that there is a dire need for a strict social media law in Pakistan? What would you like to say about this, so please let us know your opinion. Thanks!

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