Rubina Ashraf shares her obsession with house management


Women truly have an instinct of managing their house Very well even if they’re working even then they manage to handle their professional and personal life very well. Rubina Ashraf recently made so mesmerizing appearance at Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan where age got Vocal about her obsession with fully managing her house on her own.

Rubina Ashraf shares her obsession with house management

Being an actress is truly not an easy task as working schedules are very hectic but even then Rubina Ashraf has made it possible to keep an eye on her workers and she literally showed up in the video where her whole dining area and the kitchen were so well arranged. We are really impressed by her multitasking ability. From crockery to spices’ drawers everything was so much in order.

Rubina Ashraf shared that when she gets back home she takes a round of her whole house and keeps a check that how honestly her workers are working here. She was so obsessed with dusting that even when the guests were here she kept herself busy dusting tables and other stuff. She later changed her habit. Rubina Ashraf also got appreciation from Shagufta Ejaz.

Rubina Ashraf shares her obsession with house management

It’s definitely true a well-managed house tells the whole story of the perfection of a woman. Rubina Ashraf is an inspiration for all of us who are working women and find difficulty in managing their domestic chores. More power to all the women out there.

Here’s the clip of her interview. Have a look!

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