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Bilal Abbas Khan on love and soulmates

Well, Bilal Abbas is at the top of the list of most remarkable and chocolaty heroes. Having an immense fan following and unmatchable acting skills make him our favorite star. He truly knows how to make a character so much real that would make the audience forget Bilal Abbas Khan’s real identity. He has several mega hits on His credit like Cheekh, Pyar Ke Sadqay, O Rangreza, Balaa, Dobara, and Dunk.

Bilal Abbas Khan on love and soulmates

It’s always fun to have this guy in interviews. Recently Rabia Mughni caught her in a discussion About love, life, and soulmates and his point of view is truly so much interesting. During this candid interview with Fuchsia Magazine, he went on adding that he believes in love and it’s surely a beautiful feeling. He also mentioned that he’s not into it right now but when it’s about to happen it would happen, you can’t force it or imitate it.

That’s really true, you can’t fall in love forcefully and life never happens with all the planning or settings. It comes your way when it would mean to be. Anyhow Bilal thinks that a love relationship is all about loyalty, companionship, admiration, and definitely compatibility. If you are not having these things in your relationship then it’s definitely something else but not love. If it’s not so then you both are just talking.

Bilal Abbas Khan on love and soulmates

Rabia Mughni asked if he’s talking to anyone then he Instantly says no he’s definitely not. Here we are sharing this most interesting interview ever and we are quite sure you are going to love this too. There you go!

What did Bilal Abbas Khan say about love? If you want to listen to his video interview, click on the link below.

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