Surjani Town boys ‘Zara Hut Ke’ viral bride rukhsati on bike


Well everyone tries to do something different whenever it comes to making bridal or groom’s entries on wedding ceremonies. Be it bikes, heavy bikes, or sports bikes every thing is used to make the bride’s entries worth remembering. This time a boy from Surjani Town Karachi has taken the Rukhsati scene to another level by taking his bride home on the bike.

Surjani Town boys 'Zara Hut Ke' viral bride rukhsati on bike

This video is doing rounds on social media and people are re-sharing it. This video has every right reason to get attention. Here we are providing some more information about this viral couple. This video is from Karachi Surjani Town and is getting viral on social media with the caption Sarjani Town boys Zara Hut Ke. The video opens up with a bride and groom, on the bike. The bride is wearing a beautiful traditional red lehenga and the groom is in Sherwani.

This scene is getting viral on social media. Someone from the family is behind them and us filming the whole video. People are showing off mixed reactions. Social media has literally made people try everything just to get noticed and go viral. Well, it’s definitely something so different from usual Rukhsatis.

Surjani Town boys 'Zara Hut Ke' viral bride rukhsati on bike
Surjani Town boys 'Zara Hut Ke' viral bride rukhsati on bike

This groom has definitely raised the bar high for other grooms and all upcoming or groom’s to be must be thinking about doing more than that at their wedding.

Here we are sharing that video down below. Enjoy and have fun while watching this video. There you go!

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