Saba Faisal feels that all other female actresses copy her


The beautiful Saba Faisal started her career as a program announcer on PTV in the 80s. She has reinvented herself many times in her career and has always managed to excel. Pakistani people always remembered her as an announcer as she used to announce the programs that were aired on national television (PTV).

Saba Faisal feels that all other female actresses copy her

Yes, later it became difficult for her to keep the hours as she had three children and she reinvented herself and started presenting news. Meaning, Saba did not lose heart. Before taking acting as a career, Saba Faisal also earned immense respect and success in this field. When Saba Faisal made her debut in acting, Saba Hameed, Atiqa Odho, Bushra Ansari, Rubina Ashraf, and Shagufta Ejaz were the names that have been ruling the dramas since the golden era of PTV.

When Saba Faisal was asked about professional jealousy in the showbiz industry, the actress said that when she got into acting, many people were stars and she started working a lot on herself and her craft. At first, she was not recognized somewhat here, but today she is the first female artist in Pakistan to be recognized on the credit roll.

Saba Faisal feels that all other female actresses copy her

Saba added that she does not feel jealous of anyone or anything as many big actresses are asking her how to maintain herself. She has also shared her unique weight loss tricks with other actresses and they have not only used them but also achieved results. Saba also revealed that she was the first woman to wear the ALLAH pendant which has now become a trend and everyone is copying her style.

If you want to listen to the full interview of Pakistani actress Saba Qamar, in which she is revealing about many things, then click on the link below!

Do you guys also watch Saba Qamar’s dramas in that her acting is in a natural style? If yes, please let us know your opinion. Thanks!

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