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Anchorperson Yasir Shami’s mother passes away

Yasir Shami is a senior anchor person and social media influencer. Yasir has millions of followers on social media and his videos on Daily Pakistan are watched with great interest. There is no doubt that Yasir Shami talks about every topic that is not discussed in our mainstream media. And that’s why his videos uploaded on social media platforms are watched by millions of people.

Anchorperson Yasir Shami's mother passes away

This news has been shared on social media by Iqrar Ul Hassan that Nasreen Bibi, the mother of Pakistan’s senior anchor person Yasir Shami, has passed away. According to the Daily Pakistan website, Yasir Shami’s mother was 60 years old. Her close relatives confirmed that Bibi was battling a serious illness for the past two years.

The deceased is survived by three daughters and two sons. Her funeral prayer will be offered today (Tuesday) after Isha’s prayer at 7:30 pm in Greentown Park Block No.3 Sector D-2. As soon as this news went viral on social media, condolence continued from politicians, the showbiz industry, and fellow journalists.

Anchorperson Yasir Shami's mother passes away

There is no doubt about it, Yasir Shami makes a video after a lot of research and his video is watched with great interest all over the world. He is a best friend of Iqrar Ul Hassan and hence they are often seen together in places.

Anchorperson Yasir Shami's mother passes away

Don’t forget to pray for the forgiveness of the famous Pakistani senior anchor person Yasir Shami’s mother in the comment section below. We pray that Allah Almighty gives Yasir Shami’s mother a high place in heaven. Ameen!

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