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Passenger asks air hostess to open plane window to ‘spit gutka’, video goes viral

In this era of social media, every day some funny video or meme goes viral. And when people like that video or meme, people share it in droves on their accounts so that their friends can also enjoy the meme. In this age of the internet, everyone is willing to do something new, and that’s why they keep thinking of doing something different.

Passenger asks air hostess to open plane window to 'spit gutka', video goes viral

As you all know that eating gutka is a favorite pastime and habit of many people in Asian countries, and this habit often makes them feel ashamed. Yes, such people don’t even care about any culture while spitting gutka, and whenever they get a chance they throw a long ‘pachkari’ in their mouth. A similar incident happened in an Indian airline a few days ago, where a passenger who had eaten gutka made a strange request to the air hostess, hearing which she also laughed.

Indeed, in Pakistan and India, gutka is sold in public and is consumed by most of the lower classes with great relish. When gutka eaters are asked what they enjoy about eating this item, many gutka eaters say that eating it makes our brains go faster. Have you guys also done such an experiment with someone eating gutka?

Passenger asks air hostess to open plane window to 'spit gutka', video goes viral

A video of a passenger of an Indian airline asking the flight attendant to open the window to spit gutka in a hilarious manner went viral on social media. A passenger from Indigo Airlines approached the flight attendant during the flight and pointed to the plane’s window and requested to open it.

In the video, the passenger can be seen calling the woman and then asking her to open the window of the plane to spit gutka. At the passenger’s request, the woman first looked at the passenger and then laughed and ignored him, after which the passenger himself laughed. If you guys also want to see that funny video of a person eating gutka, then click on the link below and watch it.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below, are there people around you who eat gutka with great passion? So don’t forget to share your funny stories with us. Thanks!

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