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“7th bhi nai kari hai”- When Mathira spoke about her education qualification

Mathira is a stunning and liberal Pakistani television personality from Pakistan, known for her candid character and forthright remarks. She has gained fame for speaking her mind with confidence and is renowned for her hard work and determination. Mathira is a powerful and independent woman who has made great strides in supporting her family. She is a dedicated and industrious professional. Currently, Mathira can be seen hosting a program on Pakistan’s top channel, Bol TV.

"7th bhi nai kari hai"- When Mathira spoke about her education qualification

It is certainly fair to say that Mathira is pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable for models and actors. She works on Pakistani television channels and social media with brands that are often considered inappropriate for family viewing. While many Pakistani models and actresses decline to endorse such brands, Mathira bravely takes the lead and actively participates in these projects. It is not necessary to mention the brand as it is widely known.

Recently, Mathira was a guest on the nighttime show hosted by Ayaz Samoo, where she shared significant personal detail about her education. She admitted that she dropped out of school in the 7th grade. Speaking about the experience, Mathira stated, “Dropping out of school at that point meant limited options, I struggled to pass my 7th-grade exams. We faced many challenges, then we relocated to Pakistan and it was a difficult period. I had to take on various jobs to support my family.”

"7th bhi nai kari hai"- When Mathira spoke about her education qualification

Well, Mathira steals people’s hearts with her every performance.

The actress continued, “I worked three jobs a day, including sales, telemarketing, and typing. I’ve experienced those hardships, but thankfully, those days are behind me now ALHAMDULILLAH.” It is without question that Mathira has achieved great success through her hard work in Pakistan. Despite her current status, some people may mistakenly assume that she comes from a wealthy background, but the truth is quite different.

If you are interested in hearing Mathira’s interview, a popular Pakistani television personality, where she shares personal details about her education, click on the link provided below to watch the video.

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