Danish Taimoor, husband of Ayeza Khan, says he’s here to entertain people not to teach


Danish Taimoor is a prominent Pakistani performer, renowned for his exceptional talent in both drama and film. Over the past decade, he has made a name for himself on the small screen, capturing the hearts of audiences of all ages. Despite his popularity, Danish stays away from social media and keeps his personal life private. After wrapping up a day’s work, he either hits the gym for a workout or chooses to spend quality time with his loved ones, including his spouse and kids.

Danish Taimoor, husband of Ayeza Khan, says he’s here to entertain people not to teach

When speaking of the successful dramas of the 39-year-old Pakistani actor and model, Danish Taimoor, it’s worth mentioning “Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai”, “Deewangi”, and “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi”. Despite his achievements, Danish has been the subject of criticism on social media for repeatedly appearing in similar dramas and portraying similar roles, that of a wealthy young man who manipulates and exerts control over innocent young women.

In a recent interview with Hasan Chaudhry on The Talk Talk Show, Danish Taimoor addressed the criticisms he has faced. Danish stated that all of his characters were unique and that certain moments in a character’s life do not define who they are. He added that he always thoroughly reads the script to understand his character fully and that the three characters he played were distinct from each other. Danish humorously mentioned that he even has a friend who resembles one of his characters, Shamsheer.

Danish Taimoor, husband of Ayeza Khan, says he’s here to entertain people not to teach

During the interview, when the host asked the question, “Do you feel a sense of responsibility due to your large following?”, Danish responded by saying, “No, I don’t feel any sense of obligation. My purpose is to entertain the public, otherwise, I could have pursued a career as a teacher.”

What else did Danish Taimoor say to defend his three popular dramas? To watch his full interview and hear his thoughts, follow the link below.

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