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Malik Riaz’s family hits the headlines as pictures of their 2023 Range Rover trend online

Luxury car imports in Pakistan continue despite the struggling economy, which is concerning for the country’s citizens. It is widely acknowledged that Pakistan has a stark contrast between the legal treatment of the wealthy and the poor, leading to a preference among educated Pakistanis to leave the country.

Malik Riaz's family hits the headlines as pictures of their 2023 Range Rover trend online

As per a recent report, a video of the newly arrived 2023 Range Rover at the dock has rapidly circulated on social media. It’s been reported that the ultra-luxurious SUV was imported by the grandchildren of Malik Riaz, a renowned billionaire entrepreneur in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Housing Societies’ proprietor, Malik Riaz, is widely recognized for his exceptional car collection, and his grandchildren appear to have inherited his affinity for luxury automobiles. They have purportedly brought Pakistan’s first new Range Rover. Moreover, Riaz is reputedly a close confidant of former President Asif Zardari.

Although the viral video doesn’t specify the SUV’s particular model, it mentions that the opulent Range Rover is a competitor of elite luxury SUVs such as Mercedes GLS, BMW X7, and Cadillac Escalade, among others. The starting price for this luxury Range Rover is Rs. 32 million, exclusive of import taxes.

Malik Riaz's family hits the headlines as pictures of their 2023 Range Rover trend online

Following the spread of these photos, disadvantaged individuals once again raised concerns about the Pakistani government’s priorities, as it appears that the country’s wealthy are exempt from import limitations. Meanwhile, a video recently surfaced of Usman Mirza showering his pregnant wife, Uzma Malik, with cash during a Qawwali function. The extent of this family’s wealth is unknown, and they may perceive themselves as Pakistan’s version of the affluent Mukesh Ambani family.

Are you also fed up with the two separate laws of rich and poor in Pakistan? If so, please let us know your valuable opinion. Thanks!

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  1. Needless to aggravate our anger over such conduct by the elites of Pakistan. That’s kind of hopeless situation where the poor doesn’t have time to read such newses instead to look around for a day Meal.

  2. More than 2000 billions of curroption but our respected cjp at the time settle the issue with500 billion only
    More than 20000 acers of locals forcefully taken by Malik riaz but still no court of law is here to arrest him.
    Openly bribes officials still walks free
    Thousand of people waiting for there houses but they got nothing behria town karachi took cash gor house gave nothing but files

  3. An unnecessary piece of writing and criticism. Vehicles costlier than this one are on the roads in Pakistan and under the use of (including) those who consider themselves to be champion patriots. I am not favouring Malik Riaz & co. This writing and such others on trivial subjects give unnecessary media coverage to certain individuals, which is not good.

  4. Nice for the knowledge of specific set of ppl but on a large scale whole system is curropt.
    In Pakistan only that person is innocent who dident got a chance of curroption other then that everyone does it on their own scale.
    Needless to point it out towards specific family it only alows them a cheap publicity.
    There are more important issues that must be highlighted, first Highlight them.

  5. I’m an Oversea Pakistani currently here to settle an inheritance dispute and aggressive possession by family members. I own 94% legal shares, yet have been thrown in JAIL, horrified by courts still operating using ancient methods, extremely disappointed by the corrupt police, and quickly educated on the TWO TIER system that exists in Pakistan… It’s sad to admit that this country has NOT and WILL NOT progress during our lifetime…
    History will recognize a “hopeful fool” who gave his all, including his LIFE for such a cause, for the country, for the benefit of the people, but they were not ready for advancement or change!
    That fool – Imran Khan!

  6. It’s irresponsible journalism. The import of the said vehicle has contributed to the National exchequer in the forms of US$ as the duty was remitted from abroad under overseas baggage scheme. How is this an impact on the citizen or the economy, instead it’s much needed revenue in the form of addition to the dollar reserves. Amazed at the level of journalism here.

  7. Behria dastrkhwan b lgye hn is bndy ny hi …. Wo kr skta ha le skta ha achy bury halaat hoty rehty hn dua Kia kro apny lea b sary awen


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