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Humayun Saeed breaks the mold with his bold kissing scene in The Crown

Humayun Saeed is a highly acclaimed actor in the Pakistani film and drama industry. He has been an integral part of the entertainment industry for over two decades and has continuously dedicated himself to the field. Prior to embarking on his showbiz career, he worked at a corporation. It was at the suggestion of a friend that he ventured into television dramas, which marked his debut in the industry. From there on, Saeed’s unwavering determination and tireless efforts propelled him toward success, and he soon became a prominent figure in the industry.

Humayun Saeed breaks the mold with his bold kissing scene in The Crown

Humayun Saeed’s popularity skyrocketed after his outstanding portrayal in the ARY digital drama series “Mere Pass Tum Ho” alongside actress Ayeza Khan, winning the hearts of the audience. In addition to his successful acting career in dramas, he has also delivered remarkable performances in various Pakistani films, such as “London Nahi Jaunga”, “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”, and “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 1 and 2”. Saeed’s humble nature has earned him a massive fan base worldwide, with numerous people following him on his social media accounts.

Recently, Humayun Saeed appeared on the new ARY Digital program “The Fourth Umpire”, hosted by Fahad Mustafa. During the show, Saeed discussed his well-known kiss scene from the Hollywood film “The Crown”, which had become viral in the country. Co-host Qasim Shaikh about his role in the hit movie “The Crown”, and which scene he thought contributed to its massive success. Saeed responded by referring to a scene that was misconstrued by the public, where people believed he was kissing when in reality, he was merely acting and fulfilling his duties as an actor.

Humayun Saeed breaks the mold with his bold kissing scene in The Crown

When asked about the specific scene and his experience performing it, Humayun Saeed expressed his admiration for his co-star’s acting but became bashful and declined to discuss it further. Undeniably, Saeed’s film “The Crown” has achieved unprecedented success globally, with Saeed portraying the character of Dr. Hasnaat Khan.

If you’re interested in watching the full interview with Pakistani film star Humayun Saeed, where he makes interesting revelations about the famous kissing scene in “The Crown”, click on the link below!

We would love to hear your valuable opinion on whether you agree with Saeed’s explanation that he was merely acting and doing his job, and not actually kissing in the scene. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

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