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Sarwat Gilani spills the beans on Karan Johar’s surprise message

Sarwat Gilani is a highly acclaimed actress, model, and successful entrepreneur from Pakistan. With over 12 to 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, she has become a household name and has made significant contributions to Pakistani dramas. It is undeniable that Gilani’s acting skills are exceptional, and all of the dramas she has starred in have been widely successful. She marked her entry into the acting world in 2005, with her debut in TV One’s popular drama series, Dil Ki Madham Boliyan.

Sarwat Gilani spills the beans on Karan Johar's surprise message

Sarwat Gilani is currently expanding her horizons by venturing into Bollywood and Hollywood, after achieving great success in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Her roles in recent years, including the critically acclaimed Churails, Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam, and the highly regarded Joyland, have garnered international recognition, earning praise from esteemed events such as Cannes and the Oscars. Gilani’s dedication to her craft is evident as she seeks out unique and unconventional roles that set her apart from other actresses and models.

During a recent YouTube podcast with Frieha Altaf, Sarwat Gilani shared that her exceptional performance in Churails was widely appreciated, and even caught the attention of notable Indian actor and director, Karan Johar, who became an instant fan of the show. Not only did the series receive international acclaim, but it also became a massive success in Pakistani cinemas.

Sarwat Gilani spills the beans on Karan Johar's surprise message

Gilani revealed in the podcast, she and her husband Fahad Mirza had the opportunity to meet Karan Johar during a return flight from Rome, and they even took a photo together. So, when Johar contacted her and expressed his admiration for her work, Gilani was thrilled and could hardly believe it. She was overjoyed to inform him that they had actually met before, and felt extremely gratified that Johar was so appreciative of her talent.

What more did actress Sarwat Gilani reveal about Karan Johar’s message? Click on the link below to watch the full interview.

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