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Ushna Shah unveils Sajal Aly is happy after divorce

Ushna Shah is widely regarded as one of the finest models and actresses in Pakistan, having collaborated with numerous directors and producers in the country’s television dramas and commercials. Her performances have resonated with audiences worldwide, earning her critical acclaim. Notably, Ushna gravitates towards portraying negative characters rather than positive ones, which has resulted in her taking on several controversial roles.

Ushna Shah unveils Sajal Aly is happy after divorce

Ushna Shah appeared on a new TV show hosted by Fahad Mustafa called “The Fourth Umpire”. The host revealed that Ushna will be getting married soon and the wedding is only 10 days away. Ushna had previously announced her engagement to Hamza Amin last year. Hamza is not a part of the entertainment industry, but he is well-known as a successful golfer.

Actress Ushna Shah recently appeared on The Talk Talk Show hosted by Hassan Chaudhry. During the show, she expressed her admiration for fellow actor Sajal Aly, stating that she is a fantastic performer and should pay attention to her work. Ushna encouraged Sajal, saying “You are a star, realize it and take charge”, and she believes that Sajal understood the message.

Ushna Shah unveils Sajal Aly is happy after divorce

The actress shared that she recently had a conversation with Sajal Aly, with whom she had worked on her first play. Although they didn’t meet much, the actress was impressed by how content and confident Sajal appeared during their chat. She felt that Sajal was in a really good place in her life and was happier than she had ever seen her before.

If you’re interested in hearing an interview with Pakistani actress Ushna Shah where she talks about Sajal Aly’s happiness since her divorce from actor Ahad Raza Mir, you can click on the link provided to watch the entire interview.

Do you also believe that Sajal Aly’s life has improved and become happier since her divorce? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

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