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Humaima Malick gets teary-eyed recalling painful memories

Humaima Malick is an acclaimed actress in Pakistan’s drama and film industry, known for her exceptional talent and decades-long contribution to the field. Her recent film, The Legend of Maula Jutt, has garnered global recognition and remains a top-grossing movie at the box office, having earned a whopping 1100 million rupees from Pakistan alone. Humaima’s portrayal of Daro in the film has been highly appreciated by audiences.

Humaima Malick gets teary-eyed recalling painful memories

Few may be aware that Humaima Malick is the elder sister of Feroze Khan, a popular heartthrob in Pakistani dramas, and that her younger sister is actress Dua Malick. Additionally, she has a significant following in India, with many fans engaging with her on her official Instagram account. Despite her immense success, she has been noticeably absent from TV dramas and movies for several years, opting to remain active on Instagram as a way of staying connected with her fans.

Humaima Malick began her career in the entertainment industry at the tender age of 14. Unfortunately, life took a difficult turn for her when she got divorced at the age of 20, forcing her to face many challenges. Recently, she received backlash on social media when she publicly supported her brother Feroze Khan during his divorce proceedings.

Humaima Malick gets teary-eyed recalling painful memories

During a candid conversation on popular Pakistani YouTuber Shahveer Jafry’s podcast, Humaima opened up about her struggles and how she struggled with self-love. She revealed that she never had a normal childhood and missed out on that part of life as she pursued her career. Despite facing depression and having to take medication for it, she is now actively working on herself and learning to love herself. Although she has come a long way, she acknowledges that self-love is still an ongoing process for her.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the life of Pakistani actress Humaima Malick and her personal journey, check out the link below to watch the full interview.

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