Iman Ali refuses to ‘kiss’ or wear ‘mini skirts’ in resurfaced video slamming Bollywood


Iman Ali is a highly acclaimed drama and film actress in Pakistan, possessing all the qualities that are sought after in an actress. Although she has appeared in a limited number of Pakistani films, each of her performances has been met with resounding success before the movie even premieres. The audience is well aware that any film featuring Iman Ali as the lead actress is sure to be impactful and carry a positive message.

Iman Ali refuses to 'Kiss' or wear 'mini skirts' in resurfaced video slamming Bollywood

Recently, Iman Ali captivated audiences with her outstanding performance in the Pakistani movie Tich Button, co-starring Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, and Feroze Khan. Prior to this, she played the lead role in several other successful Pakistani films such as Khuda Ke Liye, Bol, and Mah-e-Meer. In addition to acting, she has also established a career as a model, appearing in photoshoots for renowned local and international brands in Pakistan.

Iman Ali is a versatile actress who has been approached by Bollywood on numerous occasions, however, she has been highly selective throughout her career and has declined many major films offers in India. The actress has consistently emphasized that she is not concerned with constant work and media attention. She prioritizes her own path and does not measure success in terms of numbers or fame. Consequently, she has managed to steer clear of any social media controversies to date.

Iman Ali refuses to 'Kiss' or wear 'mini skirts' in resurfaced video slamming Bollywood

An old interview of Iman Ali with Bollywood trade analyst Komal Nahta, conducted after the release of the Pakistani film Bol, has recently resurfaced on social media. Despite being more actively involved in the industry at the time, Iman’s perspective has remained consistent with her current stance. During the interview, Iman expressed that Bollywood films often feature ‘Kiss’ or wear ‘mini skirts’, which she does not feel comfortable with. As a result, she speculated that Indian directors may not be inclined to work with her.

Iman Ali elaborated that while she appreciates the opportunities presented to her by the Indian film industry, she prioritizes her own values and comfort level. She acknowledged that Bollywood films often include intimate scenes and revealing clothing, If you would like to watch the complete interview with Iman Ali, please click on the link provided below.

Note: A few days ago, she recorded a romantic song with actor Farhan Saeed in the Pakistani film Tich Button, you can see her picture attached below the first paragraph.

What are your thoughts on Iman Ali’s views regarding the prevalence of kissing and miniskirts in Bollywood films? We would love to hear your opinions. Thank you!

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