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Sandal Khattak calls out Hareem Shah for leaking videos to gain ‘Fame’

Recently, private videos of Hareem Shah, a renowned TikTok celebrity from Pakistan, have garnered significant attention on social media, sparking widespread discussions among people. Following the viral circulation of these videos, Hareem Shah posted a video statement, claiming that her friends Ayesha Naz and Sandal Khattak were responsible for sharing the footage. However, the veracity of her statement remains uncertain.

Sandal Khattak calls out Hareem Shah for leaking videos to gain 'Fame'

Subsequent to Hareem Shah’s accusations, a video statement from Sandal Khattak has surfaced on social media. In an interview with a private TV channel, Sandal affirmed that Hareem should pursue legal action against her if she had indeed shared the video. Hareem had alleged that Sandal was a close friend and they used to spend time together, often sharing their mobile phones.

Sandal Khattak also questioned why Hareem Shah has not lodged a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding the matter. “As TikTok stars, we are not capable of doing such a thing to her. If Hareem believes we are responsible, she should take legal action against me, Ayesha, or her boyfriend,” Sandal declared. She further said that if Hareem failed to substantiate her accusations, she would take legal action against her for defamation.

Furthermore, Sandal Khattak alleged that Hareem Shah had initially informed her that the private videos were recorded by her boyfriend, but now she claims that her husband had filmed them. Sandal also pointed out that Hareem had attributed the incident to phone hacking, although Sandal argued that it is unlikely that an iPhone’s iCloud could be hacked. Sandal continued to assert that Hareem’s boyfriend was the one responsible for recording the videos.

Sandal Khattak calls out Hareem Shah for leaking videos to gain 'Fame'

According to Tiktoker, the reason for terminating her friendship with Hareem was due to an issue involving money. She claimed that Hareem had borrowed money from her, but when she requested for it to be returned, it resulted in a disagreement between the two individuals. The Tiktoker stated that she ultimately decided to end the friendship because she did not receive her money back.

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Towards the conclusion of the interview, Sandal also alleged that Hareem had purposely released a video of herself for the purpose of gaining attention and then shifted blame onto others.

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