‘Do MARDON ka pyar karna bilkul jaiz hai’ actress Mehar Bano’s statement on Aurat March caused a storm on social media [Video]


Mehar Bano is widely recognized as one of the top actresses in Pakistan, renowned for her versatility and strong performances on the television screen. Despite her success, she has faced criticism on social media for her bold dance, acting choices, and outspoken views. However, her ability to seamlessly transition between different roles and genres is a testament to her talent and dedication as an actress.

'Do MARDON ka pyar karna bilkul jaiz hai' actress Mehar Bano's statement on Aurat March caused a storm on social media [Video]

In 2022, Mehar Bano, the acclaimed Pakistani actress, and model began her married life by tying the knot with Shahrukh Kazim Ali. The wedding festivities were grand and attended by close relatives as well as prominent celebrities from Pakistan’s entertainment industry. According to reports, Bano’s husband is also associated with showbiz, but he works behind the scenes and does not act. Bano has expressed her happiness about starting a new chapter in her life and is looking forward to balancing her personal and professional life with her husband’s support.

As we are aware, every year in March, people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. This day is marked by gatherings and demonstrations where people come together to advocate for women’s rights. The Women’s March attracts participants from all walks of life who use their voices to speak out for their cause. However, there are some individuals who vehemently oppose the Women’s March and believe that this day should not be celebrated. Despite such opposition, the Aurat March continues to be celebrated annually in Pakistan.

'Do MARDON ka pyar karna bilkul jaiz hai' actress Mehar Bano's statement on Aurat March caused a storm on social media [Video]

Mehar Bano, who is known for her role in the popular Pakistani film “Churails”, made a bold statement at the 2022 Aurat March to support “Homosexuality.” as many young boys also expressed their support for the cause. During her speech, Bano confidently asserted that she had no issue with two men being in a relationship and living together. It is worth noting that this video was recorded in the 2022 Aurat March.

Please click on the link below to watch a video of Pakistani actress Mehar Bano making a bold statement at the 2022 Aurat March. In the video, she expresses her views on same-sex relationships and advocates for the acceptance of gay couples.

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  1. Homosexuality is not permissible in Islam. In our belief system it leads to destruction of the entire society…sodom and gemmorrah were utterly decimated by Allah as described in the Quran and the Old Testament. Pakistan is a Muslim country made in the name of Islam. People may have personal tolerance for homosexuality but in our belief system Allah has forbidden it. Therefore there is no place for the practice of homosexuality in Pakistan. People who have no problem with homosexuality are effectively saying they dont believe in Islam since a muslim cannot dream of accepting what Allah has forbidden.
    But the same thing applies to usury. Lets stop being hypocrites and accept that we apply Islam selectively to our lives. It doesnt suit us to ban interest or the banking system so we ignore Quranic injunctions there. Lets be honest and even handed. We cannot be half ghansi ram half ghulam hussain. Either ban usury or dont use the Islam argument to ban homosexuality.


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