Iffat Omar’s controversial take on ‘Jannat Tere Qadmon Mein Hai Bus Isko CHATO’ sparks heated debate online


Iffat Omar is a highly talented actress and model from Pakistan with several years of experience in the industry. Although she doesn’t appear in acting roles frequently, she is widely recognized for her exceptional hosting skills on TV shows. Iffat is known for her courage and versatility, capable of taking on various projects.

Iffat Omar's controversial take on 'Jannat Tere Qadmon Mein Hai Bus Isko CHATO' sparks heated debate online

Recently, she delivered a remarkable performance in Geo TV’s drama serial Aye Musth-e-Khaak alongside renowned actors Sana Javed and Feroze Khan. She often makes headlines for her outspokenness on social media, fearlessly shedding light on societal issues that many people tend to overlook. Iffat’s bold statements often challenge the status quo and help bring about positive changes in society.

As you may be aware, the renowned actress and model Iffat Omar is a vocal supporter of the Aurat March and actively participates in the annual event. This year, she took part in the 2023 Lahore Aurat March despite the restrictions on bringing play cards, and the event’s theme was centered around anti-inflation.

Iffat Omar's controversial take on 'Jannat Tere Qadmon Mein Hai Bus Isko CHATO' sparks heated debate online

However, a video of Iffat Umar expressing her anger toward media personnel has gone viral on social media. In the video, she criticized the media for having issues with her participation in the march, stating that every woman has the right to express her opinion freely. When asked a question by the interviewer, she responded by saying that the media should stop belittling women and treating them like inferior beings, and instead should show them the respect they deserve.

On a question from the interviewer, she said that you people have placed paradise under our feet, so just lick it.

What words did the actress use while giving a bold statement? If you guys want to listen to that interview, click on the link below to watch.

Do you guys also agree with this statement of Pakistani actress and model Iffat Omar or not? Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

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