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Maula Jatt’s famed ‘Gandasa’ sets new price record at charity auction

It is well-known that Pakistan is currently facing a severe financial crisis, with inflation reaching record levels. However, despite this challenging situation, there is a unique spirit of generosity and camaraderie among Pakistanis, who actively participate in supporting their fellow citizens, friends, and country, no matter what the circumstances may be. As a result, Pakistan has earned a distinctive reputation among nations around the world.

Maula Jatt's famed 'Gandasa' sets new price record at charity auction

Remarkably, there are philanthropists in Pakistan who engage in charitable activities throughout the year. Even during this period of inflation, these individuals establish markets that offer reduced prices on essential goods, enabling underprivileged families to purchase food and supplies for their homes at lower costs. It is worth noting that in Islam, it is believed that those who spend in the way of Allah will receive seventy times more in return.

A similar incident occurred just two days ago during a charity event organized by the Sahara Trust. A Pakistani individual purchased the infamous Gandasa (a traditional weapon) used by the character Maula Jatt in the Pakistani film industry. The funds raised from the auction were donated to charity.

Maula Jatt's famed 'Gandasa' sets new price record at charity auction

Maula Jatt, portrayed by Fawad Khan in the film “The Legend of Maula Jatt,” has gained a significant following, particularly after the film’s tremendous success in Pakistan. The Gandasa has also become a cultural icon, having been popularized during the era of Sultan Rahi, a prominent actor in Pakistani cinema.

Maula Jatt's famed 'Gandasa' sets new price record at charity auction

At a charity event held in Toronto, Canada, a replica of the Gandasa was sold for $50,000, an extraordinary contribution to the Sahara Trust.

If you guys want to watch the video of Maula Jatt Gandasa being auctioned in the presence of Fawad Khan, then click on the link below and watch it.

Do you also actively participate in such donations? If yes, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

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