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Dizziness causes girl to fall into water at Rabia Anum’s Ramadan show

You all know this, like every year in Pakistan, this year too, Ramadan transmissions are being made with great vigor on almost every private TV channel. And every channel wants our channel to get the highest rating in this Ramzan transmission race. And that’s why different segments are arranged in these transmissions to make these programs longer.

Yes, since last many years Rabia Anum is also seen hosting Ramadan on various TV channels and this year she is doing Ramadan transmission duties on Express Entertainment Channel. And people are also watching Rabia’s program with great love. But an unfortunate incident happened during Rabia’s program in which the ‘Volunteer’ standing in the program fell into the water. Due to the lack of water, only the legs of this girl could get wet in the water.

When Rabia, the host of the program, picked up the girl from there and asked what she was doing there, she said, “I fell down because of dizziness.” The incident took place when the children’s segment was being aired in the program. Rabia said to this girl that we don’t need anything in the children’s segment, so why are you standing here? Well, Rabia grabbed the girl and made her sit next to her and then took her to another side and asked the management to check her BP.

After leaving the woman to the management, Rabia Anum started telling the children that because of you children, the water in the pool has been kept low and that if you children fall, don’t drown. Rabia told the children that we should never laugh when someone falls. And then the host gave a short flashback to the fall of their school principal, along with a reminder.

If you also want to see the unpleasant video of this girl falling into the water, then click on the link below and watch the full video.

Have you guys also fallen due to such dizziness during Ramadan fast? If yes, don’t forget to share your interesting story with us. Thanks!

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