Throwback Pics of Sarwat Gilani First Husband


The Pakistani showbiz industry has witnessed multiple instances of celebrities entering second marriages over the years. Many couples, once admired, have unfortunately parted ways, disappointing & disheartening their fans. The news of their splits spreads rapidly, like wildfire.

Throwback Pics of Sarwat Gilani First Husband

Sarwat Gillani, a well-known actor & model with a successful career in drama and film, has a lesser-known chapter in her life. Prior to marrying Fahad, she had a brief marriage to Omer Saleem in 2005. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2008, and they decided to part ways.

Sarwat Gilani’s ex-husband, Omer Saleem, is the brother of the renowned TV personality Ali Saleem, famously known as Begum Nawazish Ali. According to numerous news sources, their divorce stemmed from an unsuccessful relationship & her dissatisfaction. However, she now considers herself lucky to be with Dr. Fahad Mirza.

Throwback Pics of Sarwat Gilani First Husband

In 2014, Sarwat Gilani & Fahad Mirza, who is not only well-known plastic surgeon but also an actor and model, got married. Fahad earned recognition for his debut role as Essa in the 2012 drama serial Bari Apa. Their wedding came after a long time of friendship.

If you want to see a picture of the famous Pakistani actress & model Sarwat Gilani with her first husband, Omer Saleem, take a look below.

Throwback Pics of Sarwat Gilani First Husband

Did you already know that Sarwat Gilani was previously married to Omer Saleem before tying the knot with Fahad Mirza?

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