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Aiman Khan’s new pictures confirm her pregnancy

Aiman Khan is one of the young actresses from Pakistan who started working on the TV screen at a very young age. Since childhood, she had desired to become an actress and her father supported her in this dream. Eventually, she got her first opportunity to appear on TV through a connection of her father’s.

Aiman Khan's new pictures confirm her pregnancy

Aiman Khan tied the knot with actor Muneeb Butt in late 2018, and their wedding garnered significant attention in the showbiz industry. The extravagant affair became the talk of social media for almost a month, with countless functions held during the celebration, totaling around 12 to 15 events. However, Aiman & Muneeb faced criticism for the grand expenditure associated with their wedding.

After a few months of marriage, Aiman Khan became a mother for the first time in 2019 & gave birth to a daughter. Even before her birth, their daughter Amal Muneeb achieved celebrity status. Since becoming a mother, Aiman Khan has not appeared in any new dramas or films, and she has been absent from TV screens for the past four years.

Aiman Khan's new pictures confirm her pregnancy

On the other hand, the news is circulating on social media that Aiman Khan is expecting another child and is currently enjoying her pregnancy. Some pictures of her have gone viral, showing her prominently grown belly, indicating that the new addition is on the way.

If you’d like to view actress Aiman Khan’s pregnancy pictures, please check the pics below.

Aiman Khan's new pictures confirm her pregnancy

If you would like to watch the video of Aiman Khan shopping in a shopping mall with her husband while pregnancy, please watch the video below.

After viewing Aiman Khan’s pregnancy pictures, kindly share your thoughts on whether she will give birth to a daughter or a son this time.

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