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Viral Video: Karachi Gulistan e Johar Incident

A disturbing video depicting a brazenly unclothed man harassing a young girl in Karachi’s Gulistan e Johar locality went viral on social media on Wednesday. The incident has scintillated overall condemnation from people across various backgrounds & walks of life.

Viral Video: Karachi Gulistan e Johar Incident

In Block 4 of Gulistan e Johar, an awful incident unfolded as a man shamelessly removed his shorts outside a home & proceeded to attack a young girl in broad daylight. The distressing scene captured the attention of social media, evoking shock & outrage among viewers.

The fearless man shamelessly made lewd gestures at the girl, anticipating her approach. When she neared, he pursued her from behind, attempting to seize her, but she bravely fought back, forcing him to retreat. And then the courageous girl valiantly defended herself, forcing the hooligan to retreat. Quickly donning his shorts, he hurriedly fled the scene on his motorcycle, leaving her unharmed.

Watch the full video by clicking on the link below!

Meanwhile, according to the SSP District East, no official report has been filed regarding the incident. However, he confirmed that the incident did take place, and CCTV footage of the incident has appeared, providing evidence of its event. The SSP District East informed that the police have launched an investigation depending on the footage, expressing positivity in arresting the perpetrator soon.

In reply to the incident, Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah has taken prompt action, instructing the Inspector General (IG) & Additional IG Police to quickly arrest the accused and guarantee legal consequences are charged upon him.

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