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Fahima Awan Opens Up About Her Husband’s Sudden Death

The experience of losing a loved one is profoundly difficult & painful. It leaves an irreplaceable void, especially when it’s a spouse. Marriage signifies a lifelong promise, and its sudden dissolution can shatter a person. Coping with such loss challenges the very essence of one’s being. Actress Fahima Awan’s recent ordeal was a heartbreaking surprise for her, her loved ones, and her fans, causing immense pain & shock.

Fahima Awan, a multi-talented actress, model, & entrepreneur, often seen in live shows, opened up during her appearance on Nida Yasir’s show. She disclosed the heartbreaking news of her husband’s recent passing. Despite her youth, Fahima faces the challenge of raising her young children alone. She shared that she received the devastating news while in Makkah. She felt such a shock that she sensed her breath leaving her body. Also, she couldn’t find any available flights to Pakistan.

Fahima shared her belief in Allah’s will, attributing it to her presence in Haram Sharif during a critical time, granting her the strength to persevere. In the program, she recounted a tough period in 2012 when her husband was kidnapped, and she courageously negotiated with the captors. Luckily, her husband returned safely, but the ordeal motivated her to revamp her career in the industry and decided to become stronger.

Also, she disclosed that her husband got Rheumatoid arthritis as a consequence of the kidnapping, & later suffered a heart attack due to the emotional trauma he endured. The distress from the abduction led to severe depression, resulting in the onset of numerous health issues at a very young age.

If you wish to listen to Fahima Awan’s interview, where she narrates the emotional story of her husband’s passing, click on the link below.

Don’t forget to pray for the forgiveness of actress Fahima Awan’s husband in the comment section. We pray that Allah grants them a high place in heaven and gives patience to those left behind. Ameen.

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