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Actress Syeda Tuba Anwar Shares Secret to Happy Marriage

Syeda Tuba Anwar has literally got some suggestions for couples to make the marriage work. It’s true that the institution of marriage really requires compromises and understanding from both partners but it fails to give you the happiness and joys of married life when your partner wouldn’t be ready to make a compromise. Sometimes the situations turn out to be so crucial that it can lead to a failing marriage/relationship. Tuba has got vocal about some suggestions through Which couples can avoid turning their relationships into poisonous marriages. Let’s check out what she has got to say.

Actress Syeda Tuba Anwar Shares Secret to Happy Marriage

Well during her interview with Rabia Mughni, she expressed her concerns about failing marriages. Tuba holds a strong opinion on consulting a therapist if you’re feeling like your relationship is not working. It’s totally fine to seek proper consultation but yes it wasn’t the same in older times.

She went on to add that everyone is engrossed in his own affairs and people haven’t got much time to sit and listen to your issues so, you should try to take it to another level if you are really interested to make your marriage work. On the other hand, it’s usually considered that women are responsible for making compromises but no it’s not true, both sides have the same right to show flexibility that can surely save your relationship.

Actress Syeda Tuba Anwar Shares Secret to Happy Marriage

Syeda Tuba Anwar is raising the bar high with her performance in the drama series Baby Baji. Her character of Farhat is getting much praised and it’s so awesome to watch her performing so well.

Anyhow! Here we are posting a video of her interview with Fuchsia magazine. Let’s watch this video.

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