Sunita Marshall’s Stance On Conversion To Islam [Video]


Sunita Marshall gets vocal about her decision to convert to Islam. Sunita made an amazing appearance at Nadir Ali’s show called podcast with Nadir Ali where she talked about her plans about converting to Islam. She clearly mentioned that she’s planning this conversion nor facing any pressure in this concern. Her kids are following Islam and this thing was decided before marriage.

Sunita Marshall's Stance On Conversion To Islam [Video]

This episode of the podcast with Nadir Ali brought people’s outrageous reactions as the public considered it so annoying to ask that question. We are impressed with the patience of Sunita Marshal and how gracefully she has managed to handle this situation. Sunita is of the view that her kids are properly following Islam. Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed had two wedding ceremonies one was that of nikah and the other was according to Christianity.

Sunita clearly stated that her in-laws have never compelled her or forced her to convert. She believes that it’s necessary to convert to Islam wholeheartedly. She went on to add that her family showed resistance to Hassan Ahmed’s proposal. Later on, things got fixed. They both are happily married and is considered to be the most stunning couple.

Sunita Marshall's Stance On Conversion To Islam [Video]

Sunita Marshall has recently stunned everyone with her spectacular performance in the drama series Baby Baji. Her role Asma presents her to be an amazing wife who tolerates the ill behavior of her husband with patience. This drama has got more than 500M views on YouTube.

Here we are sharing the clips from her interview. Watch it now.

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