Aina Asif Biography, Height, Age, Dramas, Husband & More


Who is Aina Asif, a new emerging actress? Showbiz pakistan shares everything we know here…

Aina Asif Biography, Height, Age, Dramas, Husband & More

Aina Asif is a talented and rising actress who has made a strong impression in the showbiz world. Her captivating presence and impressive acting skills easily capture the attention of audiences. Aina’s dedication and love for her work are evident in her performances, making a lasting impact in every role she takes on. She shows her versatility by smoothly taking on different characters and making them come alive.

Aina Asif Age

In 2022, Aina Asif’s age was 17, as she was born on September 17, 1998. She is an emerging Pakistani actress known for her different roles in dramas.

Aina Asif Biography

Aina Asif was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and comes from a well-respected family. In 2022, she is 17 years old, born in 1998. She lives in Karachi with her family. Her dad owns a car showroom and does well in business. Aina’s mom takes care of their home. She has a sister and a brother who work in the showbiz field. Her brother acted in the famous show Pehli Si Mohabbat. Aina’s family is vital to her journey. She gets along well with her sister and values their bond. With her family’s support, Aina is on a promising path to success.

Aina’s family has been her powerful support & the main reason for her success. Her sister is especially close to her, and they have a caring & valuable relationship. Aina’s family keeps supporting her as she grows and takes on opportunities. They are like a guiding light for her. Aina has a lot of potential, and her family’s motivation gives her the strength to do well in her dreams. She’s ready to accomplish great things with their support.

Aina Asif Marital Status

She is not married and is not dating anyone now or before.

Aina Asif Mother/Father Occupation

Aina Asif’s dad runs his own car showroom as a businessman, while her mom is a homemaker.

Aina Asif Brother/Sister Occupation

She has a sister and a brother who work in the showbiz field. Her brother starred in the drama Pehli Si Mohabbat.

Aina Asif Instagram Profile

Explore Aina Asif’s Instagram for an inside look at the famous Pakistani actress’s life. Her posts highlight her career, family, & style, creating a personal bond with fans. Stay updated with her latest moments, fashion, and more on her lively and vibrant Insta profile. As of 2023, her fan base has grown to nearly half a million.

Aina Asif Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch.

Aina Asif Weight

According to an estimate, the emerging young Pakistani actress Aina Asif weighs 44 Kg & possesses a personality that is absolutely flawless in terms of appearance.

Aina Asif Red Dress Pics

See beautiful photos of Aina Asif wearing an enchanting red dress. Her elegance and fashion stand out in this lively outfit, radiating self-assurance and charm. These photos highlight her famous fashion taste and charming presence, showing why she’s cherished in the showbiz and fashion domain.

Aina Asif Biography, Height, Age, Dramas, Husband & More
Aina Asif Biography, Height, Age, Dramas, Husband & More

Aina Asif Dramas List

Certainly, here is a list of Aina Asif’s notable TV dramas along with the years they were aired and some of the character names she portrayed:

Mayi Ri2023As Annie
Baby Baji2023As Saman
Hum Tum 2022As Maliha
Phechaan2022As Hamna
Pinjra2022As Abeer

Aina Asif’s Net Worth 2023

The net worth of Pakistani actress Aina Asif is approximately $0.2-0.5 million USD. Her main source of income is her acting career.

Aina Asif Education

She is simultaneously completing her education alongside her acting. Currently, she attends a recognized school in Karachi, where she is also pursuing her O-levels.

Aina Asif Pool Viral Video

A video is going viral on social media showing Pakistani actress Aina Asif swimming in a pool with a friend, seemingly expressing affection. The video has sparked negative comments & controversy. However, the truth is that the person in the video is not Aina Asif, but another girl who bears a resemblance to her, leading people to mistake her identity.

If you also want to watch that video, you can click on the link below to view it.

All in All

As of now, we have the available information about Aina Asif. Whenever we receive any new updates about this actress, we will include them in our article. Meanwhile, enjoy Aina Asif’s performance in the new ARY Digital drama serial Mayi Ri. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section about her acting in this drama and also about Aina’s role as Sanam in the drama series Baby Baji on the other side.

Lastly, if you have any additional information about Aina Asif, please do not hesitate to share your details with us. Thank you!

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