Natasha Ali and Zainab Raza’s Intense Fight in Tamasha Ghar [Video]


In this matter, there are no two opinions. After the release of three episodes of Season 2 of the ARY Digital show Tamasha Ghar, all records of popularity were broken, and this show has been relished in Asian countries, including Pakistan. The show’s format has been inspired by Big Brother, but the outstanding hosting by Adnan Siddiqui has added a whole new dimension to it.

After the release of episodes for the first three days, contestants Ali Sikander, Junaid Jamshed Niazi, Faizan Sheikh, and Neha Khan have managed to secure their positions by saving their cards. The remaining nine contestants stand before the threat of the elimination bell, and by the end of this week, one contestant will bid farewell to the Tamasha Ghar journey. If you wish to save your favorite contestant, you can download the ARY ZAP app and cast your vote to ensure their continuance in the show.

However, the story doesn’t end here. As you may know, reality shows like these often involve intense competition, conflicts, illnesses, thefts, & cunning tactics. Something similar unfolded during the third episode when Natasha Ali, a senior actress, engaged in a heated argument with Zainab Raza. Natasha shed light on the importance of respecting elders and highlighted that everyone is here to play, not to engage in disrespectful behavior.

The argument between Natasha Ali and Zainab Raza continued for a few minutes on Tamasha Ghar, but the weekly wazir, Danish, skillfully managed the situation with grace. He advised Zainab to apologize to Amber G in a very formal manner.

If you are interested in witnessing the further exchange of words during this fight and to know what happened next, please click on the link below to watch the complete clip.

Are you people also watching the ARY Digital reality show Tamasha Ghar with great interest? If yes, then please don’t forget to mention the name of your favorite contestant. Thanks!

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