News Update: Srha Asghar’s Home Faces Unbelievable Horrific Incident


Famous Pakistani TV actress Srha Asghar, who has been working in the industry for many years, recently went through a horrifying experience with her husband at their home. It’s said that an unknown person harassed Srha Asghar, causing her distress. The person tried to bother the actress. As a result, both Srha Asghar and her husband reported the incident to the police by filing a First Information Report (FIR) against the offender. The official report states that the person threatened and harassed Srha, but she thankfully remained unharmed.

News Update: Srha Asghar’s Home Faces Unbelievable Horrific Incident

The incident took place on August 1st when Srha was at the market for groceries. The First Information Report (FIR) was filed based on a complaint from Srha Asghar’s husband, Lala Murtaza. The FIR details that while Srha Asghar was returning from the market, the offender followed her to her place. Is not a woman or a man getting full freedom to go out in Pakistan?

One good thing about Srha Asghar is that she shares her every activity with her husband on social media and she tells how women can lead a happy life. Some women become very inactive after the birth of children, but Srha Asghar has become very active after the birth of her son and tries to connect with her fans on her social media account even more than before.

News Update: Srha Asghar’s Home Faces Unbelievable Horrific Incident

Today, Srha Asghar took to her Instagram to address a concerning matter. She fearlessly called out various media outlets for their relentless pursuit of information regarding a horrific incident. Expressing her frustration, she criticized news channels for their insensitive approach to sharing exhaustive details of the incident. Srha emphasized that both she and her husband are thankfully safe. She strongly urged media portals to refrain from calling her for interviews, just to earn views.

What the actress said further in her post, if you want to read her post, then see the picture below!

News Update: Srha Asghar’s Home Faces Unbelievable Horrific Incident

Please comment on those women who have been victims of such accidents before or how they saved themselves from such accidents then we will wait to read your valuable comments. Thanks!

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