Who’s the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi – Salman Toor?


Since morning, there are rumors that singer Ali Sethi, famous for ‘Pasoori,’ might have married Salman Toor. If these rumors are true, it would be one of Pakistan’s first celebrity same-sex weddings. No one knows how accurate this is, but the news of Ali Sethi and Salman Toor’s marriage is circulating on every corner of social media.

Who's the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi - Salman Toor?

Many trends with hashtags like Ali Sethi, Mira Sethi, Najam Sethi, Pasoori, LGBTQ+, and more are spreading across Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. These trends are leading to intense debates about what is right and wrong. Within these discussions, social media users are becoming increasingly interested in the possible identity of Ali Sethi’s rumored husband, Salman Toor. Given their starting names, it is obvious that both belong to the Islamic religion and were born in Pakistan.

Who Is Ali Sethi

Who's the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi - Salman Toor?

Ali Sethi, a famous singer from Pakistan, has achieved worldwide recognition for their music, captivating people not just in Pakistan but all around the world. Their extraordinary fashion style and beautiful songs have made them popular on social media. It’s important to note that Ali is the child of political figure Najam Sethi and the brother of actress Mira Sethi. Ali openly welcomes their identity as a gay person, which is noteworthy in a country where there’s increasing homophobia. Ali feels a responsibility to proudly represent the queer community. In the year 2023, Ali Sethi is nearly 40 years old.

Who’s the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi – Salman Toor?

Who's the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi - Salman Toor?

Salman Toor, born in Pakistan and now in America, is a 40-year-old painter. His art shows made-up lives of young South Asian men in pretend scenes in South Asia or New York City. Toor lives and works in New York City. There’s no doubt about it, Salman and Toor are often spotted with each other and their friendship has been going strong for quite some time now.

Salman Toor’s Unvoiced Feelings: A Confession for Sethi

In a 2022 article in The New Yorker, Salman Toor openly talked about going to London in the summer of 2004. His friends Kalyaan, Ali Sethi, Aijazuddin, and Toor were all in relationships at that time, but not with each other. But their friendship is very deep and whenever they go out of Pakistan to any other country they always share their pictures together.

Who's the Rumored Husband of Ali Sethi - Salman Toor?

Things changed six years ago when Toor and Sethi realized they should be together. Even though they live in different New York apartments, their bond is very strong. During this time, no one knew what happened in the love bond between the two.

Ali Sethi and Salman Toor’s Marriage News

According to Twitter sources, the singer of Pasoori tied the knot with fellow artist Salman Toor in an intimate event in New York City. This event is being hailed as one of Pakistan’s earliest same-sex weddings. The integrity of this news remains uncertain, yet reports of Sethi and Toor’sunion are rapidly spreading across social media. Countless individuals are expressing criticism in response.

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