Alizeh Shah Faces Police Complaint Lodged by Actress Minsa Malik


Alizeh Shah is one of the young and talented actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. At just 22 years old, she has already reached the heights of fame and has appeared in countless major dramas. Young men are highly enamored by her beauty, and that’s why she has a fan base of millions on her official Instagram account.

Alizeh Shah Faces Police Complaint Lodged by Actress Minsa Malik

On the other hand, when it comes to discussing Alizeh Shah, she often becomes a matter of criticism on social media. Recently, she has faced allegations of misbehavior from her co-actress Minsa Malik during the shooting of their project. When Alizeh Shah initially stepped into the world of showbiz, she appeared quite innocent, but over the past few years, people have been quite surprised upon learning about her true nature.

Minsa Malik is a talented actress & model known for her roles in projects such as Nand, Aulaad, Deedan, and Azmaish. Motivated by her relationship with former PTV actress Nabeela, who chose family over acting, Minsa continues the legacy, sharing her skills in the industry. People are thoroughly enjoying her excellent acting skills on the TV screen as well.

Alizeh Shah Faces Police Complaint Lodged by Actress Minsa Malik

Minsa Malik has filed a formal complaint (FIR) against Alizeh Shah, alleging that Alizeh was under the influence of drugs & showed inappropriate behavior towards her during their time on the sets in Islamabad. According to Minsa, when she tried to protect herself, Alizeh even threw her sandals. Minsa has raised concerns about Alizeh’s professionalism and behavior while intoxicated.

Alizeh Shah Faces Police Complaint Lodged by Actress Minsa Malik

If you would like to read the FIR in which Minsa Malik is describing Alizeh Shah’s misbehavior, please take a look below.

The incident happened on August 15th during a shoot in Islamabad. At that time, Minsa penned down the following words. Please have a read.

“The camera was rolling, and I was in the scene. Alizeh Shah was also present, and she was clearly high on drugs. She approached me and threw a marijuana cigarette at me. I moved back to avoid her, and in reaction, I slapped her. She then started acting violently. She used abusive language and tore her own clothes while yelling. Alizeh Shah tried to throw her sandal at me, but I moved out of the way. She was completely high when she misbehaved. The camera shooting the scenes also captured the video of us during the chaos. Alizeh insisted that the video should not get out, as it would be the ultimate source of her defamation.”

Maybe many of you don’t know, but before this incident, there was a video of Alizeh Shah smoking in a car with her brother that went viral. However, she didn’t release any message in response to that video.

We eagerly await your valuable comments as you investigate the allegations Minsa Malik has made against Alizeh Shah. Your insights are highly anticipated and we patiently look forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks!

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