Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son


Mahira Khan is one of the most versatile actresses in Pakistan, having been associated with the showbiz industry for the past two decades. Her fame surpasses national borders, as she is not only renowned in Pakistan but has also garnered considerable popularity in India.

Interestingly, she has captured a larger audience and fanbase in India compared to her home country, which is why she is often seen praising India and its people. Mahira Khan’s career has been marked by her ability to take on diverse roles, showcasing her acting prowess & adaptability.

Beyond her accomplishments as an actress, she has also displayed a keen interest in humanitarian work. Her charismatic demeanor and relatable personality consistently draw people’s attention. Continuously pushing the boundaries, she has consistently explored new horizons, adding to the brilliance of her career trajectory.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

On the other hand, Mahira Khan is also recognized as one of the most beautiful women in Pakistan and Asia. She has never shown pride in her natural beauty and, importantly, has never opted for any surgical assistance to enhance her looks.

Many people are eager to learn about Mahira Khan’s net worth, her second husband, her age, her height, & her educational background. Today, we present to you a comprehensive article that covers all these aspects in detail.

Mahira Khan Age

Born on December 21, 1984, in Karachi, Mahira Khan has now reached the age of 38 in the year 2023. With her birthday celeb just 4 months away, she will soon celebrate another year of her incredible journey.

Mahira Khan Height & Weight

Mahira Khan stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) with an elegant demeanor. She maintains a weight of 55 kg (121 lbs), manifesting grace & poise.

Mahira Khan Education

Mahira Khan received her early education from a local school and ventured into showbiz at a young age, leading her to leave college.

Mahira Khan Ranbir Kapoor

Once, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s vacation photos with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor went viral on social media. In the pictures, Mahira Khan was seen wearing a white frock, while Ranbir Kapoor smoked a cigarette on the sidewalk. This was during a time when Ranbir had not yet married actress Alia Bhatt. These photos earned even more attention due to a visible love bite mark on Mahira Khan’s back. However, Mahira Khan has never publicly clarified these pics, and the controversy continues to linger in people’s minds.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

There’s no doubt that Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor shared a close friendship back then. However, it’s obvious that they have grown distant over time, as they no longer interact on each other’s Instagram chats or posts. Their bond has seemingly evolved, and any traces of their former camaraderie have faded away.

Mahira Khan Twitter

Mahira Khan makes a conscious effort to maintain an active presence on social media, enabling her voice to resonate globally. This drive is evident not just on Instagram but also on Twitter, where she remains highly engaged. Her Twitter account boasts a substantial following of over 3 million, reflecting the widespread interest in her thoughts and updates. And you can click on the ‘Follow‘ button to connect with Mahira Kha.

Mahira Khan Cannes

Mahira Khan graced the Cannes Film Festival with her elegance, representing Pakistan on the international stage. Her stunning appearance & eastern style drew global attention, reaffirming her status as a fashion icon and talented actress. As Mahira Khan walked the red carpet, her charm and radiant smile captivated the international audience. People from diverse backgrounds were enchanted by her allure and charisma.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

Mahira Khan Beauty Tips

Mahira Khan often emphasizes to women in social media and interviews that natural beauty can be achieved through traditional remedies (Totkay) passed down by their grandmothers, discouraging the use of inorganic products. She attributes her own radiant complexion and beauty to the efficacy of her grandmother’s remedies, highlighting their profound impact on her appearance today.

Mahira Khan’s Second Husband

Maybe many of you are unaware that Mahira Khan has been married once before, and her first marriage ended in failure. Her first husband’s name was Ali Askari. Nonetheless, Mahira Khan is set to tie the knot once again, this time in September 2023. Her second husband’s name is Salim Karim. He is not related to the showbiz industry, rather, he is a renowned businessman based in Karachi. Below, you can view a picture of Mahira Khan alongside her new husband.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

Mahira Khan Son

When Mahira Khan married Ali Askari in 2007, it didn’t take long for them to welcome a baby into their lives. Despite not being a well-known actress at the time, Mahira Khan became a mother in 2009, giving birth to a son. She & her ex-husband named their son Azlan.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

Mahira Khan Career

Mahira Khan embarked on her career journey as a VJ in 2006, taking the reins of the show ‘Most Wanted,’ which found its audience airing thrice a week on MTV Pakistan. Soon thereafter, she hugged the role of a TV reality show host in ‘Weekends with Mahira,’ captivating viewers on AAG TV in 2008.

While actively engaging in hosting, she simultaneously ventured into TV commercials & music videos, exhibiting her versatility. The year 2011 marked a significant milestone as she stepped onto the silver screen, making her film debut in the romantic drama ‘Bol.’

Her foray into TV dramas began with her debut appearance in the drama serial ‘Neeyat’ in 2011, where her performance was met with acclaim & marked the beginning of her extraordinary presence in the realm of TV acting. This marked the turning point as she swiftly ascended to become one of the most accomplished & triumphant actresses in the Pakistani showbiz panorama.

Mahira Khan Age, Second Husband, Net Worth, and Son

Next to her debut, Mahira Khan’s career path grew as she graced both the silver & small screens with a string of outstanding projects. Notably, she showcased her acting finesse in acclaimed works like ‘Humsafar’ (2011), ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’ (2013), and ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ (2014).

This transition was seamless as she extended her talent to the film industry, making a striking presence felt in the 2015 romantic drama film ‘Bin Roye,’ and the biographical film ‘Manto.’ In 2016, her appearance in ‘Ho Mann Jahan’ further highlighted her versatility. Amidst her acting prowess, Mahira Khan revealed another facet of her persona by hosting the talk show ‘TUC The Lighter Side of Life’ from 2013-2014, an engaging platform where renowned celebrities came to share their real-life stories. This multifaceted journey epitomizes her ability to seamlessly navigate diverse roles & continue to captivate audiences across various mediums.

Mahira Khan Net Worth 2023

After approximately 15 years in the showbiz industry, Mahira Khan has ascended to the status of a possessor of around 60 crore Pakistani rupees (net worth). Her monthly earnings range from 40 to 50 lakh rupees. Notably, she commands a fee of 3 crore rupees for a Pakistani film project. In addition, Mahira Khan increases her income through modeling projects, brand endorsements, and her clothing brand, thus diversifying her revenue streams.

For those interested in dollars, Mahira Khan’s net worth amounts to around 7 million US currency

Mahira Khan Wiki FAQ‘s

Q1: Who is Mahira Khan?

A: Mahira Khan is a celebrated Pakistani actress, known for her versatile roles in films & TV dramas, and a fashion icon.

Q2: Is Mahira Khan getting married?

A: Absolutely, Mahira Khan is preparing for her second marriage to Salim Karim, who is a businessman. And this wedding is expected to take place in September 2023.

Q3: Is Mahira Khan married?

A: Mahira Khan married for the first time in 2007 and has a son from that marriage. However, her first marriage with Ali Askari ended in divorce.

Q4: How is Mahira Khan so thin?

A: Actress Mahira Khan stands out both in real life & on TV screens due to her preference for natural beauty. She avoids using inorganic products and embraces her grandmother’s remedies to enhance her facial allure.

Q5: Is Mahira Khan with Peshawar Zalmi?

A: Certainly, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is the ambassador of the Peshawar Zalmi team in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). She consistently supports the team each year.

Q6: Is Mahira Khan divorced?

A: Yes, Mahira Khan is divorced. She got married for the first time to Ali Askari in 2007, but they are no longer together.

Q7: How tall is Mahira Khan?

A: Mahira Khan is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall and carries herself with grace.

Q8: What is Mahira Khan’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Mahira Khan’s net worth has reached around 60 crore Pakistani rupees, which is approximately 7 million US dollars.

There’s no doubt that Mahira Khan’s acting talent has been accompanied by a fortunate journey, which has led her to become one of Asia’s most prominent actresses. Her success not only reflects her individual accomplishments but also contributes to Pakistan’s positive image, highlighting the country’s talent on a global stage.

All In All

Do you guys also want to see Mahira Khan acting again and again in TV dramas and movies and are you eagerly waiting for the second marriage of Mahira Khan if yes then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

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