YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!


Ducky Bhai is an outstanding YouTube sensation & social media influencer in Pakistan. He has been consistently sharing videos on his YouTube channel for several years. Originally known as Saad Ur Rehman, he gained fame under the pseudonym Ducky Bhai for his roasting videos. However, following certain threats, he transitioned into the world of daily vlogging, carving a distinct niche within the social media landscape.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

Ducky Bhai Age, Family, Sister & Brother

Ducky Bhai was born on December 21 in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, and he turned 25 years old in the year 2023. The extent of his education remains unknown. Ducky’s family includes his parents and a younger brother, he does not have any sisters. In 2022, he got married to Aroob Jatoi, and their wedding received significant attention on social media. Now, people are eagerly awaiting good news (Khushkhabri) from Ducky and his wife Aroob.

Ducky Bhai Vlogs

Those who follow Ducky Bhai on his Instagram and YouTube channel are well aware that he is one of the highest-earning YouTubers in Pakistan. He travels abroad for leisure around 8 to 10 times a month and derives his income solely from YouTube, without any other job or business ventures. Indeed, young individuals, both boys, and girls, are drawing inspiration from Ducky’s YouTube journey, and some have even skipped their studies due to this influence.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

Ducky Bhai Net Worth

Once, during an interview, when Ducky was asked about his earnings from social media, he replied that he earns more than the value of two new Alto cars. However, he didn’t disclose the actual figure of his earnings. On another occasion in a social media interview, Ducky confirmed that if he were to quit daily vlogging on YouTube today, he could comfortably lead a good and luxurious life, suggesting that he has considered this thoughtfully.

Ducky Bhai Youtube Channel

At present, Ducky Bhai has garnered a following of over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. He stands out among YouTubers, as each of his uploaded videos receives more than 1 million views. His content’s popularity extends to India as well.

Ducky Bhai Wife

After observing Ducky Bhai’s YouTube channel, his wife Aroob Jatoi has also launched her own YouTube channel. She often engages in daily vlogging on YouTube. Yes, Ducky and his wife Aroob’s first encounter took place through a conversation on social media chat, where they discreetly chatted and got to know each other over time. After several months of understanding one another, they decided to get married and express their love for each other.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

Ducky Bhai Monthly Income

The exact monthly earnings of Ducky Bhai are not known, but based on his YouTube viewership, it can be estimated that he earns around 25-30 lakhs Pakistani rupees per month. Also, he also generates a handsome amount through sponsored videos and social media branding.

Ducky Bhai New Car (Audi e-tron GT )

Indeed, it’s quite astonishing that Ducky Bhai recently uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel where he shared his dream car with his fans. Yes, Ducky Bhai has purchased an Audi e-tron GT, and the 2023 model of this car is valued at approximately 8 crore Pakistani rupees. In his vlog, Ducky revealed that this is his dream car, and he diligently saved a considerable amount of money for it.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s a thought-provoking aspect that some YouTubers in Pakistan are earning more than certain professional doctors or engineers. What do you guys think about this?

We have taken some screenshots from Ducky Bhai’s Audi car vlog to include some images in this article. In the viral photos, it can be observed that Ducky Bhai appeared quite emotional while acquiring his new car. It seems that there are tears in his eyes, reflecting his strong emotions at that moment.

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Before concluding his vlog, Ducky Bhai expressed heartfelt gratitude to both his new and longstanding YouTube subscribers. He addressed all his followers and said, ‘Whether you’re working in any field of life, just keep working hard, and you will surely achieve the results and fulfill your dreams.

If you also want to see some glimpses of Ducky Bhai with his new Audi car, take a look below, and don’t forget to say ‘Mashallah’ after seeing them.

Ducky Bhai Car Pics

This is the first picture of Ducky Bhai when he was going to the previous owner to finalize the deal for his dream car. This picture is glaring proof of the tears in Ducky’s eyes, showcasing his emotions at that moment.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

Before buying the car, Ducky Bhai withdrew the required amount of cash from his personal bank, which he used to complete the deal. Could you please explain why he didn’t opt for an online payment method? Is there a specific reason for this choice?

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

The first time Ducky Bhai was lifting the cover off his dream car alongside its previous owner, the moments of happiness were so profound that perhaps these are the moments he could never forget in his life.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

After Ducky Bhai uncovered the car, it was presented as such a beautiful sight. Undoubtedly, it must have made car enthusiasts wish that this car could be in their possession as well.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

The moments of happiness for Ducky Bhai were something like this: when the deal to purchase the car was finalized with its previous owner, he joyfully embraced the owner around his neck in celebration.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

After purchasing his dream car, the Audi e-tron GT, Ducky Bhai shared this picture of the car from its rear and commented, “This car looks just like me from behind.”

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

After the deal was finalized, Ducky Bhai drove his car home for the first time. The interior of the car had scenes like this. Once again, it’s worth noting that there are tears of happiness in Ducky’s eyes in this picture.

YouTuber Ducky Bhai Buys New Audi e-tron GT Worth 8 Crore Rupees!

And yes, when Ducky Bhai posted pictures of his dream car on his official Instagram account, he used these words: “I used to follow this car whenever I saw it on the road. Now it’s in my garage. Alhamdulillah, I bought my dream car.”

Ducky Bhai demonstrated through his YouTube channel that if one truly works hard, the results are surely bestowed by Allah. We extend heartfelt congratulations to Ducky Bhai for acquiring his new car through the platform of Showbiz Pakistan. And if Ducky Bhai happens to read this article, we would greatly appreciate it if he could send us some sweets as a gesture of celebration.


And yes, another important thing is that according to a prominent Pakistani website, the price of the Audi e-tron GT 2023 model is between 5 to 8 crore rupees. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that Ducky bought this car for 8 crore rupees. The exact details of Ducky’s transaction for obtaining this car are unknown to anyone except Ducky and the seller. Only Ducky or the person selling the car would be aware of the actual terms under which the deal was finalized.


Ducky Bhai has achieved success on YouTube and fulfilled his mission, even purchasing his dream car. Do you also want to fulfill a dream for your parents? If yes, work day and night, stay focused on your goal, and with the grace of God, success will definitely kiss your footsteps. Ameen!

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