Charles Martinet’s Age, Net Worth, Wife, Biography & Height


Charles Martinet is a prominent voice actor best known for his iconic portrayal of Mario, the beloved video game character created by Nintendo. Born on September 17th, 1955, in San Jose, California, Martinet’s talent & spirit have made him an integral part of gaming history. He began voicing Mario in 1990 when he auditioned for the role at Nintendo’s offices. His exuberant & specific voice quickly became synonymous with the character, helping to define Mario’s cheerful and adventurous personality.

Martinet’s contribution to the gaming industry goes beyond Mario. He has lent his voice to various other Nintendo characters, such as Luigi, Wario, & Waluigi, adding depth and humor to their personas. Despite primarily being recognized for his work with Nintendo, Martinet has also emerged in other video games and media projects, showcasing his versatility as a voice actor.

Charles Martinet's Age, Net Worth, Wife, Biography & Height

Beyond his work in voice acting, Martinet is known for his passion & engagement with fans. He often attends conventions and events, interacting with gamers and signing autographs, all while staying in character as Mario. This connection with the gaming community has further gelled his status as a beloved figure in the industry. Charles Martinet’s contributions have left an indelible mark on gaming history, and his infectious enthusiasm continues to resound with players of all ages.

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Charles Martinet Age

As of 2023, Charles Martinet is 67 years old, having been born on September 17th, 1955.

Charles Martinet Height & Weight

Charles Martinet’s height is around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), and his weight is roughly 175 lbs (79 kg).

Charles Martinet Education

Charles Martinet attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied acting. His educational knowledge contributed to his successful career as a voice actor.

Charles Martinet Wife

Charles Martinet is still unmarried and remains single. Even if he were married, no one knows about his wife’s pictures or his children, if she has any.

Charles Martinet Kids

Despite working in the gaming industry, Charles Martinet has not gotten married. People want her to get married & see his children in this world, even though he’s involved in the gaming industry.

Charles Martinet Voices

Charles Martinet is best known for voicing iconic Nintendo characters, most notably Mario, Luigi, Wario, & Waluigi. He has provided these characters with their unique and beloved voices in various video games, animations, & media appearances. Martinet’s vocal talents have left an unforgettable mark on gaming history and have contributed to the enduring popularity of these characters.

Charles Martinet’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Charles Martinet’s net worth is calculated to be around $10 million. His expansive career as a voice actor for Nintendo’s iconic characters & his involvement in various gaming projects contributes to his financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How old is Charles Martinet?

A: Charles Martinet is currently 67 years old, born on September 17, 1955.

Q2: How much does Charles Martinet make?

A: The actual income of Charles Martinet is not publicly revealed, but his net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2023.

Q3: Is Charles Martinet Italian?

A: No, Charles Martinet is American, not Italian, though he is known for delivering the iconic voice of Italian plumber Mario in Nintendo games.

Q4: How much does Charles Martinet get paid?

A: The actual salary of Charles Martinet for his voice acting work is not publicly available.

Q5: Is Charles Martinet married?

A: As of August 2023, there is no news about Charles Martinet’s marriage. He is still single for now.

All In All

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