Raju Punjabi Age, Death Reason, Net Worth, Wife & Biography


Raju Punjabi is a well-known Indian folk singer & musician hailing from the state of Haryana. He has gained across-the-board recognition in the regional music background for his contributions to Haryanvi music, particularly in the genre of folk & pop. With his unique singing style and catchy tunes, Raju Punjabi has successfully carved a niche for himself, becoming a household name in the Haryanvi singing industry.

Raju Punjabi Age, Death Reason, Net Worth, Wife & Biography

His music often reflects the cultural essence of Haryana, incorporating traditional themes and rhythms while infusing them with modern elements. Raju Punjabi’s songs are known for their relatable lyrics that often revolve around rural life, love, & social issues prevalent in the region. His lively performances and distinct voice have earned him a dedicated fan base, and he has amassed millions of views on various digital platforms.

Raju Punjabi’s impact extends beyond his music, as he has become a cultural icon in Haryana, inspiring aspiring artists from the state to pursue their musical dreams. Through his work, he has helped preserve and promote the rich heritage of Haryanvi folk music, making him a beloved figure in both the regional & national music landscape.

If you want to know about Raju Punjabi’s age, education, family, net worth, songs, and death news, read this article.

Raju Punjabi Age

Raju Punjabi was born on September 5, 1986, and he turned 37 years old in 2023.

Raju Punjabi Height & Weight

Raju Punjabi stands at 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighs 70 kg.

Raju Punjabi Family

Raju Punjabi’s family members include his father & mother, whose occupations are not widely known. Information about his siblings, including their names and professions, remains unknown.

Raju Punjabi Wife

Raju Punjabi used to keep his personal & professional life completely private on social media. Due to this, very little is known about his wife and her occupation.

Raju Punjabi Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar

Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar is one of Raju Punjabi’s popular tracks, celebrating rural roots and culture with catchy melodies. The song grabs the essence of countryside living & traditions, echoing with audiences across regions. Its rhythmic beats & spirited lyrics have made it a favorite in the Haryanvi music industry.

Raju Punjabi Songs

Raju Punjabi is known for an exhibition of vibrant Haryanvi tracks that blend traditional themes with modern beats, captivating listeners. From ‘Sapna Choudhary’ to ‘Lehenga,’ his music showcases a dynamic fusion of folk and trendy influences, contributing to his overall popularity in the regional music industry.

Raju Punjabi Death Reason

On August 22, 2023, the Haryanvi music industry was struck by a sad note as beloved singer Raju Punjabi passed away in a Haryana hospital. At the age of 40, Raju’s untimely demise marked the end of a musical journey that had left an unforgettable mark on the hearts of his fans. Just a few days prior to his passing, he had unveiled his final song, the beautiful track ‘Aapse Milke Yaara Humko Accha Laga Tha.’

The news of Raju Punjabi’s death reverberated deeply within the Haryanvi music community. According to India TV News, the singer had been admitted to a hospital in Haryana’s Hisar for the treatment of jaundice. After an initial period of recovery, he had been discharged, only for his health to take a downward turn, leading to his readmission. The tragic turn of events left his admirers in shock, mourning the loss of an artist who had woven the fabric of Haryanvi culture into his music.

Raju Punjabi’s final days were bittersweet, encapsulating both his creative dedication & his battle with illness. His last Instagram post, shared on August 20, featured a heartfelt video collage related to his latest song. In the post’s simple caption, he expressed his sentiments, writing, ‘Aapse Milke Yara Humko Achha Laga.’ As the chapter of Raju Punjabi’s musical journey came to a close, his melodies & contributions remained etched in the memories of his audience, a testament to the impact he had made on Haryanvi music and its lovers.

Raju Punjabi Net Worth

By 2023, Raju Punjabi’s net worth had reached around 7 million dollars, and he supervised a fee of around 2 crore Indian rupees per song performance.

Raju Punjabi Fair & Lovely

Raju Punjabi’s song ‘Fair Lovely’ earned popularity for its upbeat rhythm & catchy lyrics, becoming a favorite in the Haryanvi music industry. The track’s lively beats and spirited vocals captured the spirit of celebratory moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: In the year 2023, what is Raju Punjabi’s age?

A: In 2023, Raju Punjabi’s age is 37 years old.

Q2: Has Raju Punjabi passed away?

A: With a heavy heart, it must be conveyed that Raju Punjabi, unfortunately, passed away on August 22, 2023, after battling jaundice.

Q3: Who is Raju Punjabi’s wife?

A: Raju Punjabi’s wife is not known as he kept his wife away from the limelight of social media.

Q4: What was Raju Punjabi’s net worth in the year 2023?

A: By 2023, Raju Punjabi’s net worth had reached approximately 7 million dollars.

Q5: What was Raju Punjabi’s religion?

A: Raju Punjabi’s religion is Sikhism.

Q6: What was Raju Punjabi’s caste?

Raju Punjabi’s caste is Jat.

All In All

At the conclusion of this article, it is crucial to acknowledge that Raju Punjabi’s journey to this point has been paved by unwavering dedication, day & night efforts, and an unwavering commitment to success, all achieved without depending on anyone’s support. His unwavering drive & perseverance have demonstrated that Haryanvi music can indeed earn global recognition. Raju Punjabi has ensured that his name will forever echo in Haryana, as well as across the entirety of India.

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