Leaked Viral Video Raises Trust Issues for TikTok Star Esther Raphael


Nollywood actress Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokiari has entered the situation involving Esther Raphael (known as The Buba Girl), placing blame on the TikTok sensation for the leak of her explicit video. Expressing her thoughts, the actress questioned how someone like Esther could have placed such immense trust in a man, leading to the unfortunate sharing of her private video.

Leaked Viral Video Raises Trust Issues for TikTok Star Esther Raphael

The guy is her boyfriend. How could she trust him enough to share her nu**de video with him? This is because many young guys are extremely desperate to do anything for money. Esther made a huge mistake. You can’t trust men nowadays. Even wives don’t trust their husbands anymore,” Said: Esther Raphael

Many on social media supported the TikTok star in her challenging situation. A user named Jumia.Boy criticized Esther’s boyfriend for his ‘cruel’ behavior, emphasizing the unfortunate truth that ‘there’s always someone trying to hinder your success.’ Another person on social media, Jeffina. Lewinsky, gave advice to The Buba Girl, telling her to stay strong and saying, ‘God won’t give you more than you can handle. You’ve got this, excited to see you on my screen again.’

Yesterday, Esther caused a stir online when a video of her engaging in explicit behavior went viral. In the leaked video, she was seen using her two middle fingers to simulate explicit actions while on a bed, sparking widespread attention. Regrettably, Esther allegedly shared her nude video with her boyfriend, intending it for a single viewing. However, her boyfriend recorded it using another device. This led to other individuals obtaining the video, who then demanded money to keep it confidential. Despite the pressure, Esther chose not to give in.

Do you also agree with the fact that if your boyfriend asks for your private video, should you allow it to be recorded? Or should you somehow avoid it, in the digital age, anything can happen, and at any time, a TikTok star could be a victim of this?

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