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Who Is Ali Bongo Ondimba’s Wife? All About Sylvia Valentin

Who Is He: Ali Bongo Ondimba is a person from the country of Gabon in Africa. He is a leader, like a president, and has been in charge of Gabon since 2009. He became the president after his father, who was also a president, passed away. Ali Bongo Ondimba belongs to a family that has been involved in politics for a long time. He makes decisions for the country & helps to run it. Some people in Gabon like him, while others have different opinions about how he leads the country.

Who Is Ali Bongo Ondimba's Wife? All About Sylvia Valentin

Ali Bongo Age

Ali Bongo was born on February 9, 1959, which makes him 64 years old as of now. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Ali Bongo Height & Weight

In 2023, Ali Bongo Ondimba is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is around 175 centimeters. He weighs around 92 pounds, which is about 42 kilograms. Please remember that these numbers are close estimations & might not be exactly precise.

Ali Bongo Education

Ali Bongo Ondimba attended various schools, including the University of Paris & the Sorbonne, where he studied political science. He also pursued studies in public law and economics. His education played a role in preparing him for his later involvement in politics and leadership in Gabon.

Ali Bongo Family

Ali Bongo Ondimba’s family includes his parents, his dad was Omar Bongo, who was also a president, & his mom was Edith. He has a brother named Pascal and a sister named Pascaline. They’re all from Gabon, a country in Africa.

Who Is Ali Bongo Ondimba's Wife? All About Sylvia Valentin

Ali Bongo Religion & Ethnicity

Ali Bongo Ondimba’s religion is Islam, and his ethnicity is Fang. He is from Gabon, a country in Africa.

Ali Bongo Wife

Ali Bongo Ondimba is married to Sylvia Valentin, who is originally from Spain. They got married in 1989. Sylvia Valentin is known for her philanthropic efforts & social work in Gabon. She has been involved in various charitable and social initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and the well-being of children and women in the country. As the First Lady of Gabon, Sylvia Valentin has played a significant role in advocating for social causes & contributing to the development of her husband’s nation.

Sylvia Valentin Bongo Ondimba was born on March 11, 1963, and she turned 60 years old in the year 2023.

Who Is Ali Bongo Ondimba's Wife? All About Sylvia Valentin

Ali Bongo’s First Wife

Ali Bongo Ondimba’s first wife was Inge Lynn Collins. They were married in the 1980s & had children together. However, they later divorced, and Ali Bongo went on to marry Sylvia Valentin, who became the First Lady of Gabon when Ali Bongo became the president of the country.

Ali Bongo Kids

Ali Bongo Ondimba has several children. His eldest son is Noureddin Bongo Valentin, & he holds a prominent position in Gabon’s government. And besides, he has 2 younger sons Bilal & Jalil. Ali Bongo also has one daughters, Malika. His family life has been a part of his public image, and his children have been involved in various aspects of Gabonese society.

Ali Bongo Education

Many reliable websites have mentioned Ali Bongo’s net worth as 5 million dollars in 2023. However, it’s possible that his net worth could be more or less, but we can’t say for certain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How old is Ali Bongo in the year 2023?

A: Ali Bongo is around 64 years old in the year 2023.

Q2: What is Ali Bongo’s height and weight?

A: Ali Bongo Ondimba’s height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and his weight is roughly 92 pounds (42 kg) in 2023, but these figures are approximate and may vary slightly.

Q3: What is the name of Ali Bongo’s first wife, and why did they get divorced?

A: Ali Bongo’s first wife’s name is Inge Lynn Collins, and they got divorced for reasons that haven’t been extensively described publicly.

Q4: What is the name of Ali Bongo’s current wife who is also the First Lady?

A: Ali Bongo’s current wife, who is also the First Lady, is Sylvia Valentin.

Q5: What is Ali Bongo’s net worth in the year 2023?

A: As of 2023, Ali Bongo’s net worth is reported to be around 5 million dollars, but this amount could vary & may not be exact.

Q6: What is Ali Bongo’s religion?

A: Ali Bongo’s religion is Islam.

Q7: What is the name of Ali Bongo’s father, and what was his occupation?

A: Ali Bongo’s father’s name was Omar Bongo Ondimba, and he was a politician who served as the President of Gabon for many years.

Q8: What are the names of Ali Bongo’s daughter and son?

A: Ali Bongo has only one daughter named Malaika Bongo Ondimba & three sons named Noureddin Bongo Ondimba, Bilal Bongo Ondimba & Jalil Bongo Ondimba.

All In All

Certainly, by reading Ali Bongo Ondimba’s biography, one can understand that if you’re genuinely dedicated to your country, people will also hold affection for you, and you can make a significant impact on the nation’s most important decisions. Undoubtedly, the Bongo family’s legacy will continue to pass on from generation to generation, and they will keep serving their people faithfully.

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