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Makeiva Albritten – Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Lately, many people have been curious to find out more about their beloved actress, Makeiva Albritten. They want to know if Makeiva Albritten is married, has a husband & kids, how much net worth she has in 2023, how old she is, and any other things about her. We’ll try our best to give you all this information in this article.

Makeiva Albritten - Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Who Is She: Makeiva Albritten is an American entertainer who does acting, modeling, & dancing. She’s famous for being in movies and TV shows. People really liked her in ‘Kingsmen,’ ‘Queen of Kings’ (2022), and ‘Make It Out’ (2023). She’s super good at what she does, & lots of people know who she is in the entertainment world.

She’s also on social media like Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. She talks to her fans and shares things about her life and work. This way, her fans can see what she’s up to and feel close to her. So, besides being talented, she’s friendly and easy to connect with in the entertainment world.

Makeiva Albritten Age

Makeiva Albritten was born on July 17, 1995. Right now, in 2023, she is 28 years old. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, which means she’s sensitive & creative.

Makeiva Albritten Height & Weight

Makeiva Albritten is 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is about 167.64 centimeters. She weighs 160 pounds, which is roughly 72.14 kilograms.

Makeiva Albritten Education

Makeiva Albritten went to Wayne State University, which is a really good school with lots of different classes. When she was there, she learned a lot and became a better person. She didn’t just study in her classes, she also did other activities outside of class. This made her time at Wayne State University even more interesting & helped her grow as a person.

Makeiva Albritten Nationality & Ethnicity

Makeiva Albritten is from the United States, so she’s American. In ethnicity she is also African-American, which means her family has roots in Africa, but she was born & raised in the USA. That’s part of what makes America diverse and interesting, with people from many different backgrounds living together.

Makeiva Albritten Facebook & Instagram Address

It’s clear that many people follow Makeiva Albritten on her social media. This shows she’s very successful. If you want to follow your favorite actress, Makeiva Albritten, on Facebook, click here, and if you want to follow her on Instagram, click here. Right now, she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram, but she uses Facebook more often.

How Did Makeiva Albritten Begin Her Career?

Makeiva Albritten started her career as a dancer & model. She did well in dance competitions and got noticed for her modeling in famous magazines.

Later, she decided to be an actress. In 2022, she began acting in the movie ‘Bond Money’ as April. She also acted in ‘Queen of Kings’ in the same year, where she played Alicia with other good actors like Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, & Vivica A. Fox.

In 2022, Makeiva also acted in a funny TV show called ‘The Dirty D’ as Kyra, created by Jamar Hill.

Makeiva Albritten - Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Right now, Makeiva is working on two new projects. She’ll play Keiva again in the comedy ‘Drugz & Strippers,’ directed by Jamar Hill & co-starring Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, and Vivica A. Fox. She’s also the lead actress in ‘Make It Out 2,’ a sequel to a drama film by Jamar Hill, where she acts with the same great cast.

Apart from acting, Makeiva is a talented model, influencer & dancer. She shares her dance moves and lifestyle on her YouTube channel, where more than 10,000 people follow her. On Facebook, she has over 431,000 fans who love her pictures about fashion, beauty, & travel. People really like Makeiva’s work, and they’re excited to see what she does next.

Makeiva Albritten Family

Makeiva Albritten hasn’t told her fans about her family, like what her parents do or if she has brothers or sisters. However, we promise that as soon as we obtain this information, we will add all these details to this article under the respective subheading.

Has Makeiva Albritten Divorced Her Husband Before?

You might not know this, but your favorite actress, Makeiva Albritten, had some tough times in her personal life. Even though she’s successful in her job, she went through a divorce once. She dated her first boyfriend for two years, and in 2018, they had a big wedding that everyone talked about on social media & the internet. But something went wrong, and they decided to end their marriage in 2020. It’s probably something you didn’t expect to hear about Makeiva Albritten.

Makeiva Albritten - Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Onthe other hand, Makeiva Albritten hasn’t shared a lot about her ex-husband, like his name, job, or why they got divorced. She likes to focus on the good things in her life & move forward. She’s also stayed friendly with her ex-husband because of their kids. This shows she really cares about making sure her family gets along well, even if she keeps some things private.

Does Makeiva Albritten Have Kids From Her Ex-Husband?

Makeiva Albritten is a mom to two lovely kids from her first marriage. Her son, Jayden, is 7 years old, & her daughter, Kayla, is 2 years old. She loves them a lot and always puts them first. Being a dedicated & caring mom is super important to her, and she spends quality time with them whenever she can.

Even though she’s famous & busy, Makeiva makes sure her kids have a regular and fun childhood. She sends them to regular schools, takes them to cool places like parks, museums, cinemas, markets, & the zoo, and celebrates their birthdays and holidays with lots of happiness. She also teaches them important things like being kind, honest, & respectful, creating a loving and nurturing environment for their happiness and growth.

No doubt, being a single mom & handling both her job and looking after her kids all by herself can be really tough. But it’s clear that Albritten is doing a great job at balancing her personal & work life successfully.

Is Makeiva Albritten Dating A New Boyfriend In 2023?

In 2023, Makeiva Albritten is dating James Perkins, who is a successful businessman & owns a clothing brand. They started dating in 2022 after a friend introduced them, and they got along really well.

They’ve been together for over a year, and they’re really happy & supportive of each other. They often share pictures of their special moments on social media, like when they go on trips, have fun dates, Birthday parties, or celebrate anniversaries.

Makeiva Albritten - Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Movies and TV Shows

James Perkins is not just in Makeiva’s heart but also cares a lot about her kids, treating them like his own. He’s a loving & respectful partner who values Makeiva’s career & her ability to be independent. He’s super proud of what she’s achieved and always cheers her on, being there for her every step of the way.

Makeiva Albritten Net Worth 2023

By September 2023, Makeiva Albritten has earned about $200,000. Albritten doesn’t just make money from acting & modeling, she also makes a lot from advertising and her YouTube channels. Because of all these things, she’s become a millionaire with a net worth of around $500,000.

Makeiva Albritten Movies and TV Shows

Since 2022, Makeiva has been in about 5 movies. They are called ‘The Dirty D,’ ‘Bond Money,’ ‘Queen Of Kings,’ ‘Make It Out,’ and ‘Watch Your Back.’ She also has 2 more movies coming up in 2023 or 2024, called ‘Drugz & Strippers & ‘Kingsmen.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Makeiva Albritten?

A: Makeiva Albritten is an American actress, model, and dancer who has gained popularity for her roles in various films & TV shows. She is known for her performances in ‘Kingsmen,’ ‘Queen of Kings’ (2022), and ‘Make It Out’ (2023).

Q2: How old is Makeiva Albritten in the year 2023?

A: Makeiva Albritten is 28 years old in the year 2023.

Q3: Has Makeiva Albritten been divorced, and does she have children?

A: Yes, Makeiva Albritten has been divorced, and she has children.

Q4: What is Makeiva Albritten’s net worth in the year 2023?

A: Makeiva Albritten’s net worth in the year 2023 is approximately $500,000.

Q5: Has Makeiva Albritten found a new boyfriend after her divorce?

A: Yes, Makeiva Albritten is currently in a relationship with James Perkins, a businessman and entrepreneur.

Q6: What is Makeiva Albritten’s height and weight in 2023?

A: Makeiva Albritten’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 72 kgs in the year 2023.

Q7: What is Makeiva Albritten’s religion and ethnicity?

A: Makeiva Albritten’s religion is Christianity, and her ethnicity is African-American.

Q8: What are the names of Makeiva Albritten’s children from her first husband?

A: Makeiva Albritten has two children from her first husband. Their names are Jayden and Kayla.

All In All

In this article, we learned that when a woman is brave and not afraid, she can be successful anywhere in the world, as long as she doesn’t let fear stop her. A great example of this is Makeiva Albritten. After her divorce & with her children to take care of, she didn’t let fear stop her. She kept working in her job & taking care of her family, showing everyone that a woman can be strong. She can earn her own money and give her children a good life even if she is on her own.

Do you follow Makeiva Albritten on her Instagram and Facebook pages? If you do, please remember to send her your positive thoughts & support. Thank you!

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