Who is Christian Wood’s Ex-Girlfriend, Maya Benberry?


In this article, we will try to learn about Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend, her job, how much money she has, and other things about her. Before we do that, let’s discover who Christian Wood is & why he is well-known.

Who is Christian Wood's Ex-Girlfriend, Maya Benberry?

Who Is He: Christian Wood is a famous basketball player. He was born on September 27, 1995, in Long Beach, California. He’s really good at playing in the NBA. Christian’s story of becoming a star in the NBA shows how hard he works.

When he was young, Christian was great at basketball. He practiced a lot & played for UNLV and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in college. Even though he wasn’t picked in the 2015 NBA Draft, he didn’t give up. He got a chance to play for the Houston Rockets in 2015.

Christian has been on many NBA teams, like the Philadelphia 76ers, Charlotte Hornets, Milwaukee Bucks, & Detroit Pistons. People like him because he can do many things on the court, like scoring, getting rebounds, and blocking shots.

Christian became famous in the NBA because he worked really hard & never gave up. He keeps getting better and is known as a great player in the basketball world. People are excited to see how he’ll do in the league.

Christian Wood’s Personal Details

Christian Wood, also known as Christian Marquise Wood, was born on September 27, 1995, in Long Beach, California, USA. He is a tall guy, standing at 6 feet 9 inches, and weighs about 95.6 kilograms. Currently, he is 27 years old. Christian Wood is famous for being a great basketball player in the NBA. He comes from Long Beach, California, & this place has been important in his basketball career.

Christian Wood’s Net Worth 2023

Christian Wood has around $5 million in net worth. He earned this money by playing basketball in the NBA. NBA players can make a lot of money from contracts & endorsements. But it’s important to know that the money can change depending on many things like contracts and how long they play.

Christian Wood’s Ex-Girlfriend Maya Benberry?

Some people might not know that Christian Wood and Maya Benberry were together as boyfriend and girlfriend for a while. But sadly, they are not together anymore. We don’t know why they broke up, but it’s important to remember that they used to be in a relationship for some time.

Who Is Christian Wood’s Ex-Girlfriend Maya Benberry?

Maya Benberry, aka Maya, is a talented American. She does many things like TV, modeling, acting, performing, making content, & even talks to inspire people. She was born on December 27, 1991, so now she’s 31 years old. Maya believed in Christianity & went to a local school in Kentucky, USA, and then to Kentucky University in Lexington, Kentucky.

Before Maya, Christian Wood was in a relationship with someone named Janelle, but people say that Maya became a part of Christian’s life at some point. We don’t know exactly how they got together or what their relationship was like. Maya’s many talents & her work in different areas have helped her become successful and have around $1.5 million net worth in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend, and what is her name?

A: Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend’s name is Maya Benberry, also known as Maya.

Q2: What is the age of Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend, and when was she born?

A: Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, is 31 years old, & she was born on December 27, 1991.

Q3: Are Christian Wood and Maya Benberry husband and wife?

No, Wood and Benberry are not married, and they have never told people about their relationship in public.

Q4: What is the net worth of Christian Wood and Maya Benberry in the year 2023?

A: As of 2023, Christian Wood’s net worth is calculated to be around $5 million, while Maya Benberry’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Q5: Has Christian Wood gotten a new girlfriend in 2023 after parting ways with Maya Benberry?

A: We don’t know for sure, but it seems Christian Wood is not dating anyone new right now he might be single.

All In All

After we finish writing this article, we should say that sometimes things just happen as they are meant to. Even if you try really hard, sometimes things that aren’t right for you don’t work out because maybe they’re not the best choice. Maybe this is what happened with Christian Wood and Maya Benberry. They might have started to like each other, but without an official relationship, they broke up, & people didn’t even know they were in love.

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