Luke Falgoust Obituary, What was Falgoust Obituary’s Cause of Death?


In this article, we will find out who Luke Falgoust is, what she does, if she has passed away, what caused her death, and other important information.

Luke Falgoust Obituary, What was Falgoust Obituary's Cause of Death?

Who Is Luke Falgoust

Luke Falgoust lived in Baton Rouge and is a dedicated senior at Louisiana State University.

Luke’s Education & Achievements

Luke was working hard to finish his degree in Industrial Engineering and had plans to graduate in May 2024. He recently got a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, showing his commitment to his studies.

Luke’s Jobs & Interests

Besides school, Luke worked as a Manager at JVCF since 2022 and also bartended at The House. He was an active member of the Kappa Alpha Order Club & was looking for internships related to Mechanical Engineering.

Uncertain News About His Passing

Some online reports said that Luke Falgoust passed away due to a drug overdose, but neither his family nor his college has confirmed this. Since there’s no concrete evidence or confirmation from people close to Luke, it’s important to be cautious when considering this information.

We want to add that you should not worry because this news is not true. Neither any family member of Luke Falgoust nor his university has confirmed this news. So, it’s not right to tell false stories about someone like this.

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